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Reviews — 09 February 2012

It has a rampaging T-Rex, it scares your little sister and makes your mum shriek. What’s not to like about Dino Bite? Myself and my brave assistant braved the jaws of the Jurassic giant and got our teeth stuck into the game that bites back!

Playing Dino Bite - the game that bites back!

Noah and Mummy bravely playing Dino Bite

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Dino Bite’s box tells us enough about the game to know that a certain 6-year-old is going to be in play land heaven whilst his younger sister nervously inspects the image of a girl running for her life chased by a T-Rex. One little face is smitten the other is rather less so.

Excitedly I get Dino Bite out of the box and punch the air on finding that the game is not manacled to the box by two-thousand pieces of tightly twisted wire (how annoying is that?) nor is it jammed in between shudder-inducing polystyrene.

It took about 3 mins to get Dino-Bite assembled – a real plus when you’ve got two eager gamers breathing down your neck. Batteries in (2 x AA) and the switch moved to the on position and some impressive jungle noises, roars and rustling emit from Dino Bite. I begin reading out the instructions: ‘the youngest player goes first…’ when hold on, the youngest gamer has left the room…

So, it’s just myself and Noah who are left to rescue Dino Babies from the rampaging T-Rex. Each player has to roll the dice and then rescue the corresponding Dino Baby from underneath a giant leaf which is guarded by the T-Rex. Think old-school ‘Operation’ (steady hand needed) combined with the anticipation of ‘Pass The Bomb’ and you’ll be on the right track.

Get caught rescuing Dino Babies and the T-Rex lunges forward letting out a roar. What then follows is screaming (usually by me!) Every single time we have played it has ended with me jumping out of my skin whilst Noah looked on bemused at his daft Mummy and relieved that he’d survived to play another round.
dino bite 005
A few weeks into having Dino Bite around the house and Ferne is still nervous when she sees the box on the table. ‘Are we playing Dino Bite?’…’ she asks. It’s what I call a red rag to bull moment because sure enough the answer is: ‘Yes, and you’re going to get eaten!’ That’s brotherly love for you.

As terrified as she has been she was, however, delighted to watch the video clip I had recorded of Noah and I playing the game. Was it the excitement on our faces or the harmonious manner in which Noah and I played together? No. It was the enjoyment of watching Mummy jump out of her skin and yelp like a kid. The same bemused look came over her face. ‘Mmmm’ she said. ‘I think I’ll play Dino Bite tonight.’

So, for Noah (age 6) Dino Bite has been a real hit. He wants to play it with his friends and keeps telling them about it in the playground, boasting about how he has rescued Dino Babies (Indiana Jones eat your heart out). However, for Ferne it’s been an emotional journey. The tears have stopped but she’s still yet to survive a whole round of the game. The penny has dropped though that the pain could be worth it if you get to hear Mummy (or even better Big Brother) screaming like a baby.

The age range on Dino Bite says 4+ and I would say if you’ve got a brave 4-year-old then go for it. If not, leave it to the slightly older kids who can handle the anticipation factor and let the younger ones watch on at a safe distance. Oh, and one more thing. Make sure Granddad’s pacemaker is working properly before letting the grown-ups to join in!

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  1. Eeek! He looks just like the guy who spreads his wings and spits water at us, only scarier! Why would I want that!!!! *jokes*
    Of course the Bug would love to add it to the rest of the menagerie that causes Mummy problems!

  2. ActuallyMummy – You’re right, he does look quite scary – that’s half the joy!

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