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Reviews — 30 January 2012

I don’t know about you but in our house there are three things that go missing on a pretty regular basis. They are: pen caps, socks and elastic hair bands. You can never find the little devils and if you do it’s often too late – the other sock is long gone, the hair bands are all dusty and the uncapped pen has dried up and is useless. So, imagine my delight when at Toy Fair 2012 I was introduced to the rather genius Cappi.

Cappi: No more lost pen caps

I'm a Happy Cappi: no more lost pen caps

Aimed at the 6+ market, Cappi, by Stabilo, is a nifty collection of felt tip pens that are bunched together by a plastic ring. The cap-ring threads all the caps together and makes losing them very difficult. Despite their hardest efforts my two managed to use the pens all weekend without losing one cap. However, even if the little so-and-sos do lose the pens they can be left cap-less (shudder) for 24-hours without drying out.

Our Ferne is still finding it difficult to get the right grip when using pens but Cappi are ideal as they have a child-friendly ergonomic grip and are also tubular so they don’t roll away when they’re dropped on the floor.

Drawing by Noah using Stabilo's Cappi pens

Noah's picture with Cappi pens

Not only are they great for indoors I am granting them a very rare privilege. Yes, I hereby declare them to be ‘handbag approved.’ Seeing as they stay bunched together it means they can all be easily fished out of my Mary Poppins’ style bag making them an ideal set of pens to take out to restaurants and for travelling. Don’t believe me? How about entering the competition to win one of five packs.

For stockists visit Stabilo’s website. A pack of 12 pens cost around £5.94.

Messy writing?

Handwriting expert Julie Bennett suggests these tips for helping children improve their writing fluency

Use hands and arms to create air or sky writing
String beads together
Colour large surfaces with finger paints
Use a water pistol to draw letters on a fence
Cut different shapes out of paper using scissors

COMPETITION: Thanks to the kind peeps at Stabilo I have 5 packs of Cappi pens (12 pens per pack) to giveaway. To enter I’d like you to send a comment (use box below) telling me WHERE ALL YOUR MISSING PEN CAPS HAVE GONE… This competition has now closed. Winners will announced here very soon. Thank you everyone who entered.

*This is an independent review by With thanks to Stabilo for the review pack of Cappi pens.

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  1. WHERE ALL YOUR MISSING PEN CAPS HAVE GONE – I think the are used by the lego and playmobil characters to plan some sort of escape route from the top window of the house as they are fed up with their arms and legs being pulled off. @susankmann

  2. they are all over the house i,m sure as the cat keeps running away with them when the kids are colouring in

  3. Most of ours end up at the very bottom of the felt tips box (a big biscuit tin) or get sucked up in the hoover ! Some of them just totally disappear though, who knows where they end up !!

  4. All my pen lids disappear with the cat, who think there toys and runs of with them

  5. Oh what a handy idea! Would love to win a set for my Mary poppins bag too please :)

    All our pen lids get taken by one of the elves who work for Father Christmas! I’m really not sure why, my little boy says this about all missing things!

    I’m hoping the elves recycle them, or perhaps they give the pen lids to other pens in desperate need of a lid!

    Emma – on twitter @ beachpebble

  6. they have eloped with the tupperware lids, never a matching box and lid to be had in this house.

  7. God knows where they go, Im sure the kids eat them!

  8. I think my daughter hides them regularly!!! I don’t know where and why. Every time I ask her about it, she doesn’t know. I am going to find out, we move out to the new home in April, so I will try to discover that secret place soon. Detective Anna xx

  9. i chew them

  10. All the pen lids have disappeared and gone to live with the odd socks in a land far far away called Oddlids.

  11. i find them all over the place, daughter’s jean pockets, down the sofa, even in her bed!

  12. Where have all our pen caps gone
    They seem to disappear
    Everytime i look for them there never somewhere near
    We find them at the bottom of drawers
    and even cupboards too
    Inside slippers and welly boots and once inside a shoe
    Cappi pens would solve our problem we’d have lots of time to spare
    What a lot of fun we’d have and we’d make sure to share

  13. It’s one of the great mysteries up there with odd socks, the chicken or the egg and the meaning of life ( although my 2 year old thinks they may have been stolen by the dinosaur that lives at the bottom of our garden)

  14. All the pen lids in our house disappear to the place where all the odd socks, odd gloves and everything else that should be in pairs go…..either that or the dogs eat them, which im hoping is not the case……..

  15. Tinkerbell has taken them to make really useful things for all the other fairies



    my cat as stolen them as toys cats really do have thumbs thats hoe he as done it


    That is a very good question and only my daughter might know the answer :) She has a magical touch and everything gets missing.

  18. i dread to think where they have all gone??? honestly i dont know how they manage to do it

  19. Found some down the back of the radiator the other day. Why?

  20. WHERE ALL YOUR MISSING PEN CAPS HAVE GONE- the last lot of pen lids my son put them in my cup of tea ,didnt realise till the end of the cup lol

  21. Who knows where the kids have put the pen lids? we have about 2 pens that have lids and the others are either missing or on the floor around the house. Maybe our snowman got a bit bored guarding the house and decided to get some pens out and colour… Who knows! they could be anywhere…..

  22. they usually end up down the back of the sofa or underneath,unless picked up and played with by the cat so could be absolutely anywhere

  23. I blame my dog, He picks anything up and takes it to his basket!!!!

    • Thanks to everybody for their replies so far. It seems that dogs, cats and kids are the main culprits. It seems us adults are blameless (of course!)
      Michelle x

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  25. Well half of them have ran on,with all the socks my family wore on there left foot, the others are in my knitting basket,keeping the socks,worn on the right foot company!

  26. I think the felt tip pen caps live in the same place as the odd socks and teaspoons…only I don’t know where that is! this is a fab idea.

  27. To Narnia – Mr. Tumnus stole them.

  28. that still remains mystery to me

  29. I wish I knew haha, my partner takes them off the pen, puts it down and then the pen top fairy comes and takes them away to a far away land, never to be seen again *sigh*

  30. the tops are all in my tin of pens and pencils…but I don’t know where the pens are that go with them because I can never find one!

  31. My pen caps end up on the floor of the van at work, which then means I’m walking around with a pocketful of dangerous pens in my pocket. Hence my hands always being covered in pen marks :D

  32. I only wish I knew

  33. I think all my pen caps are hiding in that safe place that everything goes to never be seen again, along with that important letter, remote control and socks! and i bet they’re all laughing at me :)

  34. well thats one of the great mysteries of the universe! like the black hole and bermuda triangle. i think maybe barbie has turned them into hats or maybe caterpillars are being lazy now and using them for cocoons! either way i can never find them!

  35. On average my kids or me loose most things. After we take the cap off the pen it rarely goes back on!

  36. They get everywhere & anywhere but their final resting place seems to be in in the hoover :0(

  37. Avid collectors travel from town to town pouncing as soon as you put a pen cap down!

  38. That’s the problem – I just don’t know!

  39. My cats play with them so you best ask them cos they are not telling me!

  40. They have gone into ‘The void’ along with the odd socks, hairbands, hairclips, and other general things that go walkies in this house.

  41. I think the borrowers take them!

  42. In the dog

  43. I also think that they go to live with all the lost socks, I also have no idea where they both are, but if I did I would go find them, then let you all know so you could find yours too

  44. I think the dog eats them, the same as missing home work :-) or in our case bury’s them. lol x

  45. Who knows! I never do seem to find them. Must go to the same place as the missing socks that also never seem to turn up.

  46. The missing pen lids in my house end up in one of three places!
    If my kitten hasn’t decided they are his new “prey” and carry it around with him and its not in my daughters secret stash of items (where i am bound to find coins from my purse and make up items of mine!) then my daughter may have decided they need to be washed and/or dried in the machine and silly mummy doesnt always check which is how i ended up with melted plastic once… oops! This prize would save my machinery! haha Xx

  47. They go where other things mysteriously end up. Things such as pound coins, sweet wrappers and buttons. Someone keeps feeding them through the top of my radiator!

  48. Mine are off travelling round the world, partying! They deceided that they were bored just sitting on top of a pen, and that there was more to life than that! They left me a note, informing me of there intentions, and they would be back when they had run out of places to visit. They send me postcards telling me where they are, and what they are up too. At the mo, they are in Carribean, lying on the beach by day, beach parties at night, enjoying pina coladas and learning to limbo! xx

  49. They are probably down the toilet as that is where the she devil is putting everything if you forget to shut the lid for more that 10 seconds

  50. Under the sofa

  51. down the back of the sofa, under the sofa, behind the fridge!

  52. The bin . . . because my partner is too lazy when tidying up to find the pens and put them back on – it’s quicker to chuck them!

  53. mine have gone to that mysterious place where all things go, a sock out of a pair, pennies, batteries etc. i really think it may be the borrowers living in my house finding a use for all these objects

  54. My daughter says that the naughty fairies have taken them!

  55. well our daughter tend to find it funny hiding them in our shoes…. normally daddys shoes, so when he rushing to work, puts his shoes on, only to find several pen lids shoved down the toe bit…. he will usually ask how they got there and my daughter response ‘pete (our dog) did it, i saw him when everyone was asleep in bed’

  56. All my pen lids disappear with the dog, who think there toys and runs of with them outside in the garden

  57. Not just down the back of the setee – INSIDE the setee, well beyond reach and lost forever!

  58. my dogs play with them and chew them

  59. All the pen caps have been chewed and stolen by my kittens. I keep asking them what they want them for and where they have takne them. Unfortunately I don’t speak cat and therefore don’t know where the pen caps are.

  60. Our sofa has a staple diet of spare breakfast cereal, hairbands, coins (coppers only) but a favourite snack is pen tops (any variety welcome) I promise to keep the pack of pens away from the hungry sofa should i be lucky enough to win!

  61. They end up in the dog bowl and down the toilet not very nice i know especially when i have to get them out, marigolds at the ready.

  62. chewed and binned ha x

  63. i think mine live down the back of the sofa.

  64. When I was on my teaching placement, the children had art and had to colour in their drawings from their visit to the Yorkshire Moors. After an afternoon of colouring, it came to the time to tidy away. However, when it came to putting the lids on the pens half had disappeared! “WHERE ALL YOUR MISSING PEN CAPS HAVE GONE” I wondered! Turns out, in pencil cases, in drawers, in pen pots, on the floor, In the sink? (don’t ask on that one, even I don’t know) Some are lost and never to be found again!!
    I promise to keep these lovely pens away from the prying little fingers of children and their misplacing ways! :)

  65. It’s a mystery where all our pen tops have gone….Maybe it’s the same place as all the socks, batteries or hair bobbles have gone…We can never seem to find them….lol

  66. Depending what room, the lids off the felt tips, are usually found in the felt tip box. Yes I can easily find them. My Son is too busy creating to worry about lids being put back on felt tips.
    Or our cat Gizmo runs off with them and they can end up anywhere.

  67. Yep, mines the dog too. She eats them.

    To be fair, it’s not just the lids, she’ll eat the whole pen if left on the floor. She has a thing for wax crayons too. Still it livens up pooper-scooping :-0

  68. I think my pens lids are as kind as me and take themselves back to be recycled and used again for other peoples pens, how nice are they ha ha


  69. They’ve gone off on a playmobil adventure where the knights are putting the tops into a emergency services bin lorry to defeat the evil emporer zorg.

  70. During the day they are normally hiding in drawers and down the backs of sofas but during the night they light to lay out on the floor so when walking around barefoot in the dark you happen to stand on them

  71. They’ve gone to fairy land, obviously.

  72. wish i knew they just seem to disappear

  73. The borrowers stole out caps. They are using them to build chairs, a bit like those designed by philip stark

  74. Clearly the easter bunny and sock monster have been in colusion with santa and the easter bunny to collect them all and take over the underworld x

  75. there is at least one jammed in my hoover filter, one attached to the cat’s tail, ten under the sofa, another twenty under the storage unit and probably one up my youngest boy’s nose (or at least its spent some time up there!!!)

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  77. Usually in the Lego box

  78. That’s the problem they never do turn up. The theory in our house is that they are being collected by an alian life force in order to construct a craft to return to their planet. I have left them laying around on purpose and constructed an alian capturing device made from several shoe boxes and a vacuum cleaner hose. The weird thing is the tops have been “taken” but the trap is still set spooky or what.

  79. I’m pretty sure the invisible man keeps stealing them ;)

  80. Half are in the kittens bed!! And the other half are down the gap between the work top and fridge!!

  81. Henry Hoover eats them – I know, because he has a smug grin on his face!

  82. On top of the wrong colour pens, at the bottom of the toy box…or being used for the cats toys!!!

  83. My 2 year old daughter likes to use them as false finger nails then my 1 year old son likes to post them into various felt tip pen shaped holes never to be seen again (letterboxes, cat flaps, tumble dryers, stereo speakers etc etc.).

  84. My pens live on top of the microwave, so no doubt the caps of gone down the back of the microwave!

  85. They have been taken by my little brother, who thinks that the caps are jewellry for the end of his fingers and he uses them as claws!!

  86. The last time they went missing….in my vase full of flowers on the dining table!
    Why? ‘because they make the water a pretty colour Mummy!’

  87. When we pull the settees out to hoover under there, you will always find loads of pen tops!

  88. The dog’s bed. I have two grandsons and whenever they are finished playing with felt tips they look around for the lids. My chihuahua, Dobby, spends the time getting them and putting them in his bed. Luckily he ‘hides’ them first before he chews them so most are still ok. (I have to say Dobby scrapes away at the dog bed with his nose then seems to think the tops are somehow hidden !! He is quite dumb!).

  89. No idea, when someone finds out let me know.
    Maybe it is where the missing piece of the jigsaw is or when the piece of the lego is.
    Or maybe it is where the chocolate goes, hold on , probably not as I think that might be my mid night cravings

  90. My pen tops end up in my man drawer with all the off cuts of electrical wire and old lottery tickets that us blokes tend to hoard

  91. pen lids usually chewed by dog sometimes digested and found in garden. Playdoh is funnier though doggy poo that is half neon pink!!!

  92. Im sure my family steal them to replace the caps that they carelessly lose all over the place. I mean its not like I would ever lose a pen cap, im too perfect for that

  93. My dog eats them!

  94. wow these would save some money, such a simple idea, wish id thought of it someones gonna be rich

  95. They are hanging out with the odd sock gang and my daughter, Melody’s, hair bobbles and clips. They have a fine old time!
    Oh and when they *do* turn up they are inevitably in my 13 month old, Flynn’s, mouth!!

  96. Son used to build with them, make great noses for rockets and racing cars! Thankfully he almost grown out of it now. Daughter one used to eat them and daughter two is a cleptomaniac and adds them to her collection :/ she collects everything she can get her little hands on and store them all neatly in boxes that she ‘writes’ lables on.

  97. ours disappear under the sofa cushions :)

  98. My pen tops are on top of the pens of course! I have taught my son well! Lol

  99. I think our missing pen caps fall under the table and are carried away by some kind of Pen Fairy during the night. What they do with them I can only guess… perhaps they are a useful storage device or some kind of accessory like a really long thing hat!

  100. I’ve looked all over and I still can’t find,
    The caps to the pens, I wouldn’t mind…
    But this is the 14th one to go,
    Wher’ve they gone? I’ve searched high and low!

    The 1st one I found in my daughters bed,
    The 2nd was in the fridge waiting to be fed.
    The others I really just have no clue,
    I wish for some Cappi’s, really I do!

  101. Mine all seem to be down the back of the sofa

  102. I don’t know! They wouldn’t be missing if i knew! ;-p

  103. They’re used by the little people at the bottom of my garden as cigarette holders for smoking their reefers.

  104. Oh where do i start, this is an answer i would guess
    Dogs chew the lids, in the bin they go ( the lids not the dogs)
    Grandson hides several in places only he can possibly find
    As for the rest, i believe the little green men that live in the TV ( oh they do you know)
    secretly take them to build the latest high tech UFO

  105. I found a few in the cats litter box! haha

  106. we once had a big problem when our dishwasher leaked all over the floor, when we emptied it we found 3 felt tip pens caps stuck in the bottom of it

  107. Like socks they seem to dissapear never to be seen again, some of them if left on the floor are used as toys by the cat and get pawed around the room ending up under furniture, i spend way too much time moaning about missing pen lids its one of those things that bugs me massively

  108. I think the same little elves who take odd socks take them! They use the socks as duvets, and pen tops as drinking vessels!

  109. WHERE ALL YOUR MISSING PEN CAPS HAVE GONE ….they have been stolen by the borrowers to be used has cups ,containers and furniture along with all the missing socks which they use has sleeping bags

  110. Sadly I think I must have binned them. I give up hope of ever reuniting top and bottom, so of course end up with bottoms but no tops, and dried up pencils :(

  111. I think we must have a family of mice who take them – I think Mummy mouse uses them as rollers for her hair! Daddy mouse uses them as plant pots or pint pots!! And the little mice children use them as skittles!

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