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Parenting Reviews — 12 December 2012

Anything that helps and encourages my kids with their reading is a winner in my book but sometimes getting them to co-operate isn’t so easy. We trialled Reading Eggs, an online world where children (3-13-years-old) can learn to read and brush up on their skills … and now you can too!..

Reading Eggs review on mummy rates it

I signed both Noah and Ferne up for a trial of Reading Eggs as soon as I heard about it. News of the trial (details at end of post) hit ’Mummy Rates It HQ’ at a really good time  - post Parents Evening. Every time we go to one I come home all guns blazing and feeling super motivated to get stuck in at home. Don’t get me wrong we’re not lazy on the homework front. We often sit down with books, read together and do our spellings but Reading Eggs appealed because it was:
1. online (we have computer-loving kids)
2. structured to back up the curriculum
3. works out your kid’s reading ability (I suffer from OCM or Overly Curious Mum Syndrome).

First up to take the test was Ferne. She’s the least computer crazy of the pair and so for her it’s nice to get a look-in whatever’s on the screen. She took the test and seemed to enjoy it although I must admit I got really frustrated because I could tell that she fluffed a few questions by answering too quickly. (Did I mention I also suffer with Pushy Mum Syndrome too?) In hindsight there are constant sources of distraction at school so this must happen all the time. Going over and cementing old ground doesn’t hurt.

The nice thing about Reading Eggs is that the exercises are ’fun’ – we’re talking ‘stealth teaching’ tactics here. Ferne  particularly enjoyed the songs and interaction with Sam the Ant – she found him very amusing indeed. She also loved playing games where she had to click on certain words and ignore others. Some she didn’t enjoy so much (probably because they involved more concentration) such as  putting sentences into the right order.

I must say she got into the swing of it really quickly and was able to carry on alone while I helped Noah with some of his homework. Speaking of which, even though he is really into computer games, he couldn’t wait to get on Reading Eggs. The fact that the games are incentivized (kids collect golden eggs which are exchanged for learning games) was key.

For us Reading Eggs sits very nicely in a ‘no man’s land’. Yes, we do all the homework and our own reading but we don’t currently use any other tools. It’s nice to have an online option and a programme that can fits kids of different ages and abilities. As well as carrying on with our trial of Reading Eggs we will certainly think about buying it for next year (we will be home-schooling the kids when we travel). Price wise I think that £29.95 for six months or £39.95 for a year is great value.

Take a free, extended trial

Don’t take our word for it! Why not sign up for a Reading Eggs trial? The site’s operators have kindly offered a special, extended free trial for Mummy Rates It readers. To take advantage visit and enter code UKB24MBT.  This will give you a 5 week free trial instead of the usual 2 weeks.

Enjoy and if you have the time please let me know how you get on!



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  1. I can imagine that Reading Eggs would be great for home schooling especially while on the move. Lots of material without having to cart it all around.

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