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Reviews — 03 July 2012

Having been inaugurated as a Tots100 Film Blogger I’ve been feeling pretty important – in fact, a bit like royalty. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to choosing the film A Little Princess? Well, that and the fact that I thought Ferne, a 5-year-old Princess-a-holic, would enjoy it.
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A Little Princess has a lot going for it before it has even reached the little DVD player’s letterbox. For example the box shows off the fact that it is based on the story written by Frances Hodgson Burnett (who also penned The Secret Garden), features a very cute-looking girl called Liesel Matthews and is, amongst other things, about ‘wishes and dreams.’ I ask you, who could deny a child (or her mother) that?!

As a film reviewer I don’t want to give away the entire plot of the film but I will cut a 97min story short by telling you that Sara lives in India with her father until he is called back to England as a soldier in the war. Sara moves to a New York boarding school run by the wicked Miss Minchin and it is here that Sara shares her beliefs that ‘all girls are Princesses’.

In true family entertainment style there is a goodie (Sara), a baddie (Mrs Minchin), a comedian (Amelia) and a spot of heart-warming magic (Ram Dass and his monkey). There are also tugs on the heartstrings a-plenty, chuckles, sort-of-scary parts (Ferne was hiding under the blanket), some kiddie rebellions (face emerging from under blanket and ‘ha ha ha’ finger pointing at Miss Minchin) and more.

For us A Little Princess was an enjoyable family film but perhaps for children slightly older than Ferne. I must admit that come the end I had to wipe away a tear or two and clear up a few loose ends for Ferne (there is also a case of mistaken identity). I think it would be appreciated more by viewers aged 7 and upwards. In our house it also appealed more to girls than boys and I’m afraid I couldn’t convince Noah to watch it.

When I asked Ferne which part she enjoyed the most she was able to pinpoint the time when Miss Minchin gets all sooty thanks to a cheeky little chimney sweep. The bits she didn’t enjoy were the suspense – it’s not at all scary but some scenes are hammed-up with music which creeps little ones out!

To sum up A Little Princess I’d say that it’s something along the lines of Annie and Mary Poppins (without the songs). The acting is pretty good and whilst there are a few cheesy parts all in all the story’s emphasis on dreams and wishes and being kind to each other is a pleasant and welcomed change. Definitely one to cuddle up to on a Saturday afternoon.



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