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Parenting Ramblings — 28 January 2012

I was jumping up and down whooping and screaming whilst Alex was doubled over holding his back in agony. Noah was beaming and Ferne was whining (she was freezing cold). First lesson in operation ‘Goodbye stabilisers’ and already one child was going it alone (albeit for a wobbly few seconds).
Lost Bike
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Can you remember the first time you rode a bike without stabilisers? I can. I remember pedaling along the street and seeing my Dad standing there open-armed and ready to catch. He didn’t need to – I was off and it wasn’t long before I’d fallen in with the local ‘BMX gang’ (which comprised of me and 3 of my friends) riding over DIY ramps and playing ‘chicken’ with the lamp post.
Movie clip: A motivational speech for all would-be bike riders!

Watching my own children learning to ride a bike is emotional. First it’s nostalgic; secondly you are aware that this is one of those defining childhood moments and finally, it brings tears to your eyes because it is bloomin’ well AGONY.

Yes, the kids get scraped hands, bloody knees and scabby elbows but the real pain is experienced by the parents who are crippled from the combination of bending, balancing and running. No amount of Pilates can prepare you for such a manoeuvre. When we go out tomorrow I’m seriously considering wearing my tummy control pants back-to-front to give the back some much needed support. Sadly (or should that be luckily) I only possess one pair of Spanx so I beg you, please, in the name of my husband’s back to share any tips you may have on helping kids to ride their bikes.

Share them here and I’ll compose a useful page of tips (plus I will mention and link to your site).

Thank you!


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I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.’
~H.G. Wells, novelist


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