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Fashion & Beauty Just for YOU — 14 February 2012

Yes it may still be as chilly as the Arctic outside but a girl can dream of Spring, can’t she? What better way to work up a sweat than picking out a few potential high street purchases. For Spring 2012 the key look is the scarf print – reminiscent of the 90s catwalk, the pattern that smacks of opulence is EVERYWHERE.

Seen on the runway of D&G and tipping a trendy trilby to Hermes and Versace, there are a changing-room full of copycat scarf print looks on the High Street and I’ve found some of the best out there. I pretty much had all areas covered but stumbled at finding a bag (there is an ASOS duffle bag but it’s currently out of stock and I didn’t like to get your hopes up). If I do find one I’ll let you know – or better still if you find one let me know and i’ll post it up!

Scarf prints: from runway to high street

(Clockwise from top left)
Jacket (River Island) £40
Leggings (Topshop) £20
Blouse (Next) £30
Scarf (River Island) £13
Tunic Dress (George @ Asda) £12
Tunic (Warehouse) £45
Shoes (Very) £35
Dress (Mango) £84.99

Personally, I am a fan of clingy in the trouser department but i’m not sure I’d be able to carry off the Topshop leggings on the school run. I could, however, be persuaded to wear them on holiday with a plain black T-shirt, flats and whopping great sunglasses – 1990 eat your heart out. If, however, you’re not scared by the boldness of scarf print you’re in luck. Spring and Summer 2012 is dominated by a plethora of pattern and print and all true fashionistas are currently wearing not one but TWO patterns TOGETHER. Go on, I dare you.


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  1. I really like prints but am always reluctant to buy them, particularly from the more popular shops like Next, as you tend to see so many people wearing the same thing. Your selection is very tempting though.

    • Hi Farfromhomemama – yes there is always a worry that you might see lots of people in the same but often it’s the way you wear a print that makes it different. This look is everywhere for spring/summer so prepare to have to put your shades on! OR join in! x

  2. I’m absolutely hopeless at fashion and have no idea how to wear anything or layer anything. Thanks for giving advice because I need a lot.

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  5. Oooh I love prints! Could definitely see me in that tunic from warehouse. This blog post just made me realise how fashionable I used to be and how unfashionable I am now…. not a bad thing but I don’t seem to have time for fashion these days!

    ps: Your blog is coming along fantastically – I love it :)

  6. Hi mummylish
    Yes, I love prints too but know a lot of people get scared wearing them. Sadly for them I don’t think there’s going to be any way to avoid them this spring/summer.
    Yes, I expect a lot of busy, working mums feel the same – no time for fashion. That’s why I love shopping online – as long as you know your size in that particular shop then it’s pretty easy. Lots of shops do a free returns service too so it’s simple.
    Thanks for your comments, trying my hardest with my blog.
    You did that lovely story about maps – I enjoyed that. i’ll be back over again now you’re feeling better.

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