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Fashion & Beauty Homepage Slider — 30 November 2012

I was in Oxford Street yesterday on a very important blogger mission – honestly! Anyway, when that had finished and I’d wiped off the remains of a very tasty pancake from my chops, I had a quick hour to speed along from Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Circus and naturally, in the name of research, popped into a few shops to see what was what…

Floral and festive dresses by H&M
Keywords are an important tool for us bloggers, they’re also pretty handy for when you’re trying to spot trends. Keywords learnt from this shopping trip around the West End mega-stores are: lace, sequin, shift, bodycon (yikes), peplum (phew!), cuffs (ear) and chain rings (a la Scherzinger). Got that?!

What I spied…

H&M Shifts and florals
First stop was H&M which had a lovely collection of floral dresses – not an obvious choice for the festive season but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I spied florals in peplum, shift and body con and all very reasonably priced. I ended up buying a white shift with abstract pattern and v-necked back for our Christmas party. I reasoned with myself that being white it’s a good investment for hot and sunny travels next year. Yes, surprise surprise, I actually do reason with myself every now and then!

New Look – 2 for 1 jewellery
Whilst in H&M eyeing up some jewellery a very friendly co-shopper sidled up to me and whispered in my ear that it was 2-for-1 on jewellery in New Look. Result! So after thanking her I nipped across the street and bought a couple of pairs of earrings. They had a really great range of jewellery and accessories including collars and cuffs. Ear cuffs are big news at the moment. I’m not sure they work with me as I always have my hair down and my ears are quite big but if you’ve got short hair and normal ears they’ll look amaze.

River Island – sequins
I actually groaned out loud in River Island when I saw the most beautiful black sequin dress. Remember the one I’d written about earlier this week from Reiss? Well, this one is just as gorgeous. It’s a maxi shape and is designed by Design Forum William Tempest. You’d need to be going to a really top-end Christmas do to merit wearing this but if you are, take a look. The detailing is just gorgeous and I love the long sleeves and sexy ruche. Real urban Cinderella stuff.

power browse on oxford street

Topshop – lace/sequins
It’s hard to pick out just a few things that I spotted in Topshop as that store is so huge. My relationship with Topshop Oxford Circus has been a long one, dating back to my teens. So familiar am I with that I even have my own browsing system that has grown organically over the years. I know some areas are now ‘too young’ for me so I usually head straight downstairs to Level -2 – the ‘concessions’ area. I found plenty of lacy sleeved tops, pearls and sequins again. Buoyed by the old school Neneh Cherry soundtrack I weaved my way in and out of the rails and picked up four or five cream-coloured tops with sequins and lace. I ended up buying a cream peplum top with sequin edging by Darling Clothes. In particular I liked the way the shoulders perk upright thanks to a little padding, the peplum for tum coverage and a slightly waterfall shape that means it covers the bottom. Upstairs in the accessories department there were tons of double and triple chain rings and ear cuffs.

Seen anything nice in the shops lately? What’s the last item of clothing that you bought?…


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  1. Love the New Look accessories. Not been in there for years. Use to pop in almost every Friday when we lived in the UK to pick up a cheap handbag and bracelet to ruin on the weekend … think I might be too old for that kind of behaviour now.

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