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So I’ve told you where to go (in the nicest possible way), what to bring and today, the last in my 3 post camping/glamping special, I’m going to suggest some very quick and easy meals to cook on or close to the camp fire.

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Be prepared

My first tip for camping and cooking is to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is arrive on site and then have to leave again to go to the supermarket. Make like a boy Scout and ‘Be prepared’. Write down everything and get shopping prior to leaving home. Get your coolbox out and put in milk etc. Most campsites have a fridge/freezer where you can puts bit in – write your name on milk/freezer blocks and Tupaware to avoid any confusion.

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Cereal, milk and fruit – easy. Just make sure you have bowls and spoons.
Bacon and eggs, again easy, just do them in a pan over the camp fire or use a gas stove – same with scrambled eggs etc.
Toast: you can get get camping toasters which you hold over a flame so also bring jam/marmalade and butter.
Easy peasy option: croissants.

Don’t forget the tea bags, coffee and hot choc.

Jacket potatoes are really easy on a campfire. Just wrap them in foil and arrange them around the outside of the fire (too hot and the foil burns). If you want to cheat whey not pre-cook them at home and wrap them ready for action and bung them in the embers to warm up? Bring some baked beans and cheese (don’t forget a grater).

Corn on the cob is also an easy one. Put on top of foil, add some butter, salt and pepper and wrap them up ready for when you get to camp. Put them in the fridge/coolbox at site until you’re ready to cook them. Same as Jacket Pots – don’t put them in the hottest part.

Heat up tins/homemade soup and serve in mugs with some nice, crusty bread or wrap garlic bread in foil and warm in fire.

Toasted sandwiches, grilled over the fire using the camping toaster.

Pre-prepared skewers – either make your own or buy supermarket BBQ packs. Cook using a flame on top of a grill.

Cook up a big pot of pasta – any left over can be used as a cold accompniament at dinnertime. For ease and speed just dollop in some pesto – serve with garlic bread and salad.


Pasta – heat up pasta and add a sauce/pesto/bolognese

Rice – heat up and add either bolognese/chilli con carne

Curry – before I’ve pre-prepared a curry (Gordon Ramsey’s Malaysian chicken) put it in the campsite fridge and then just reheated. Delish! You could do the same with casseroles and stews.

No camping experience is complete without sausages/burgers (veggie options too)  - accompany with mash/beans/grilled tomatoes

Runny cheese dip – Put tons of feta cheese and rosemary in foil and cook gently over a fire. When you unwrap it’ll be all gooey and lush – stick bread sticks and Nachos into it. Yum.

More kebabs – meaty ones, vegetable ones, Halluomi ones


Marshmallows  on sticks – sandwiched between biscuits if you’re feeling really naughty

Bananas cooked in foil – add some booze for grown-ups

Fruit kebabs – before wrapping in foil drizzle in honey/lemon/sugar then cook in outside of fire

When we camp I use The Camping Cookbook which has some really lovely recipes. Highly recommended!


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