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Take it from one who knows (x2) – a good changing bag needs to be more than just a bag. It has to withstand being delved into in emergency situations, keep everything in place and have a capacity to rival Mary Poppins’. So it’s an added bonus if you can find one that does all that and looks stylish.

Ellie Black - Stylish Shopper Tote

Ellie Black – Stylish Shopper Tote from BabyBeau


In partnership with Baby-Beau… 

Enter the timeless and stylish Ellie Black from BabyBeau – a changing bag that on the outside looks every part the swish, luxury handbag but on the inside caters for yours and baby’s needs.

As a lover of a bag that can last the fashion distance I love the look of Ellie’s classic black leather with tan flap and handles – a colourway that makes it compatible with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. Ellie’s Tote style is timeless, making it the shape of choice of the fashion pack, celebs and any one else who loves the look and the bags (excuse the pun) of space they offer.

Not just a pretty face, inside Ellie you’ll find a water-resistant lining that houses a removable BabyBeau organiser, Leatherette changing mat, Leatherette bottle holder and a detachable zip pocket pouch that will get you through all those less-than glamorous nappy situations. However, when you’re not in charge of changing botts you can simply take out the organiser and use Ellie as a normal handbag – there’s even room to fit in your laptop. Furthermore, Ellie comes with 3 interchangeable straps which means you can use it cross-body, handheld or shoulder tote – however you fancy.

BabyBeau's Ellie Black changing bag

BabyBeau’s Ellie Black changing bag – luxurious and practical…

As well as splurging out on Ellie as a gift to yourself (just like buying any other designer bag, Ellie at £199, is an investment piece) it also makes a wonderful maternity gift for work colleagues (Buckingham Palace staff take note) and generous friends.

For more information about Ellie and to coo over more gorgeous, luxury maternity bags (for both Mums and Dads) take a look at BabyBeau Baby Changing Bags.



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  1. One word … LOVE!

  2. I like the simplicity design of baby bag.

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