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A new survey by Sizzling Pubs has found that Mums are spending an extra 260 hours of their lifetimes cooking separate meals for fussy eaters. I nearly choked on my cuppa. Do you know how much extra time I spend in my kitchen adapting meals for fusspots? Zero or should I say zilch, nada or zip. Yes, that’s right. I do not.

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Now, it’s one thing if your child has allergies and comes out in hives at the whiff of fish, accepted. However, what I have never and will never bow to is the fussy eater. Why? Because, in my opinion, fussing over a fussy eater creates an even fussier one.

In our house I try to provide our kids with one home-cooked meal a day. I won’t lie, many a time the day’s offering it is met with: ‘Yuck’ or ‘I hate broccoli’ or ‘is THAT chicken?!’ However, I usually find that by ignoring their comments (after all, it’s not Masterchef) and mentioning that there’s no pudding if they don’t eat it usually does the trick. And before you think it, I’m not super lucky that my kids are not fussy. They are.

Despite what the survey says, that 35% of parents claim that girls are the fussiest, in our house it’s pretty evenly balanced. Ferne apparently doesn’t eat cheese, however she hoovers up cheese on toast because we have re-branded it as ‘Pizza Toast’. Noah, on the other hand, the world’s biggest cheese eater, doesn’t eat chicken or fish. Well, actually he does but I tell him it’s Quorn and he’s happy to get stuck in.

So little white lies seem to result in empty plates as does the threat of no pudding. The survey then goes on to say that extra time is then created by cooking a different meal for late-working parents. Blah! Forget that one too. I used to cook a different meal for us but I found I was not enjoying the countless pans, plates not to mention the extra time it took. So now we all eat the same.

Yes, I’ve had to adapt our meals to suit everyone. I admit sometimes it’s hard trying to think up new things to cook after all there are only so many times a week that you can eat Spag Bol. If husband is late then his meal is cooked at the same time as ours and is then put to one side with one of those microwave dishes on top so he can heat it up when he comes home. No it is not haute cuisine, it is home cooking a la my way or the high way. I have never given him food poisoning through this method and if he doesn’t like it he knows where to find the bread and beans. In fairness, he does like it and has never complained. It works for us.

What I do admit to though is that it can be very tricky coming up with some ‘new’ recipes that everyone is going to enjoy. So, in the interest of perking up the plates in SE19 I have dabbled in a few recipe blogs and thought I’d share my favourite ones with you.

Happy, fuss-free cooking!

My favourite family food blogs
1. Tinned Tomatoes Veggie recipes for all the family
2. Frugal Family Live and eat frugally
3. The Five Fs Blog Cooking from scratch for all the family

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  1. I’m stunned by this. My son eats what I eat. He has his evening meal a little earlier because he goes to bed at 7 but it’s pretty much the same as what I cook for myself and my husband. I’ve never actually thought of doing something different for him. I think I might be a cruel mum as I don’t offer him alternatives if he pulls a face at something. If he’s hungry, he eats it. As a result, I’ve got a little boy who loves Thai, Mexican and Indian food – my three faves. (I hope I haven’t cursed myself by writing this and he’s going to turn in to a fussy eater now).

    • Yes, I was stunned too. I mean, talk about making more hard work for yourself. I’m absolutely with you – not a cruel mum – or unless I am too!!

      • Fussy eating = bad manners as far as I’m concerned. If someone’s willing to cook for you, you get what you’re given – and you LIKE IT.

        And with a five month old, that belief is sure to come racing back and bite me on the bum…

        • myfunnymummy – Not only will those comments bite you on the bum you will also end wearing any food that she doesn’t like! x

  2. Totally agree with the two of you. I think it’s fussy parents that make fussy eaters. Or maybe i’m just mean.
    Great post!

  3. Gemma – No not mean – just finding ways to keep sane! x

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  5. Thank you for the lovely mention. I try to feed my wee one the same as us, but he has just turned two so we are not always on the same page. It is getting better though. I do cook up different meals to tempt him for the days he is with grandparents or childminder and store them away in the freezer.

    Tonight I made us a puff tart with homemade pesto and mushrooms, so I let Cooper get involved. He used a cookie cutter to cut out little pies and then I let him add his own toppings. He was very proud of his achievement.

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