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Parenting Rants — 06 January 2012

Last night, five days into 2012 and I was still trying to think of some achievable New Year’s resolutions when from upstairs a thumping sound was heard. 5 mins later and I had a resolution but now I need YOUR help…

Angry Birds - Big Brother
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the scene: It was 10.30pm, I was cream-crackered, it was time to climb the wooden hill and go to Bedfordshire… However, when I snuck my head around a certain young person’s door I discovered a PJ party going on ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. The horror. Lights on full blaze, CD player blasting out Horrid Henry’s greatest hits and child jumping around having a great time. I did not take it well.

There was rather a lot of noise. Mostly from me. Shouts and stamps – again, mostly from me. Afterwards, when I had calmed down, it occurred to me that for everyone’s sake I could do with a bit of chillaxing and I don’t mean the kind offered at Henlow Grange (although that would be nice). I mean learning the art of having a more Zen-like approach to parenting.

So, I’m calling on all you parents out there to put a Karmic-arm around me and others by sharing your tips, links, blogs, parenting mantras and any other advice that we can all use the next time the red mist descends.. I will collate all the info together and produce an anti red-mist blog to last throughout the year.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year + 6 days.

ps: coming soon: Reviews: Rockford’s Rock Opera, Button Bracelets plus my Wii Fit Mum’s challenge and of course, the anti red-mist blog!


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