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Homepage Slider Ramblings — 30 December 2012

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? According to new research record numbers of people will be staying at home this year,  shunning expensive nights out for cosy gatherings at home with friends and Jools…

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The pressure of what to do on NYE has been off for the last few years as we’ve been in Turkey.  Away from family and friends we’ve been able do exactly what we liked without anyone knowing where you are or, importantly, what time you went to bed. This year, however, we’re slightly more exposed as we’re at home and have not a sausage planned. Not even a Chipolata.  The sum total of our chez-nous extravaganza is: us, 1 friend, 1 fridge full of Christmas leftovers and Jools on the box (this year’s performers are:  Petula Clark, Emeli Sandé, Bobby Womack, Adam Ant (!),  Paloma Faith, The Hives, Jake Bugg, The Dubliners and Jools’ fave Ruby Turner) .

Staying in and doing nothing is fine. It’s not big shakes… really. However, it has made me think back to all those other New Year’s Eves when doing nothing was definitely not an option… NYE celebrations started off when I was just a kid. My parents either hosted or took us to great NYE parties – big family affairs where us kids would all gang together eventually crashing out under piles of coats or on bedroom floors. These parties were usually fancy dress and I can remember many an outfit I wore – pirate, Native American Indian and some of the ones my parents wore..

In my Twenties I spent two New Year’s Eves in Edinburgh at Hogmanay. Messy and tipsy affairs with lots of opportunities to warm up by hugging random strangers and pretending to know the words to Auld Lang Syne. A walk to Arthur’s Seat the next day was necessary.

For the turn of the Millennium (my goodness the pressure to do something amazing for that one was quadruppled wasn’t it?!) we  were in Australia and spent it at a music festival in the middle of the outback. People had worried that technology wouldn’t be able to cope with the new digits and that the moon might drop from the sky. I can safely say if it had I don’t think I would have noticed. I took a lot of Paracetomol on 1st January 2000.

Oh, and not forgetting the two years on the trot that we sat on a beach in Goa, wearing little more than a T-shirt and shorts, soaking up the atmosphere and dodging the stray fireworks… We’ve had some really amazing times and sometimes it’s good to remember them.

Anyway, back to this New Year’s Eve. According to supermarket Morrisons more people than ever are staying in  (thank lack of cash and rubbish weather for that). Instead of an expensive night out (the average costing £78.20) the nation are hosting dinner parties and popping open the Prosecco (note, not Champagne). Interestingly, sales of Milk Thistle, said to be a hangover cure, have broken records for the third year in a row which must surely mean that the Prosecco to person ratio is generous!

Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to hearing about your celebrations and plans for 2013…


Michelle x


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  1. Well they sound raucous and sublime in equal measures. I love Goa. Happy New Year, Michelle X

    • Thanks Anya – Happy New Year to you and your fam xxx

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