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Today I woke up a lady who has dozed off for well, quite a few years actually. My Inner Personal Trainer or IPT as I call her.

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I love exercise but I haven’t loved exercise with the same passion that I used to have for many moons. However, this morning, first day back at school for the kids, I found myself and my IPT ready and able for action.
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Firstly, I drove to car to school and then left it there. This is the first rule of any Personal Training. You’ve got to make exercise work for you and fit it in where you can. By leaving the car at school it means I’ll have to walk back this afternoon to pick it up. An extra workout!

Secondly, I made sure I’d brought along my earphones. I find running very boring but with music on I can get lost in the tune and lyrics and find I’ve run quite far without thinking about it. I say I find running boring but that is partly due to overkill. I ran the London, Paris and New York marathons which resulted in me firmly hammering nails into the running coffin. It’s only recently that I pulled them back out. When I was in training I used to download running tracks and PodCasts with music set at certain BPMs (Beats per Minute) – it really worked. Today, however, as I’m ‘settling back in’ I asked the Basement Jaxx and Ed Sheeran if they’d do the honours.

Charged up and motoring along thanks to the tune-age I did a whole loop of the park and then stopped at a bench to do some press ups and triceps dips. Half way through the ‘second set’ I began to tire and considered loping off and leaving the bingo wings free to flap for another day. However, the IPT reared her head at just the right time and made me finish off 3 sets and then run all the way back home.

The reason I have an IPT and not just ‘a voice’ is probably because pre-kids I trained as a Personal Trainer. The vocation was short-lived as by the time the course finished I was pregnant with Noah which meant I only trained a few people before I had to stop.

When I started training clients I found it amazing that the sessions were so much more than exercise. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they were part counselling sessions. All the clients who came to me had reasons for being there that went beyond just simply ‘getting fit and losing weight’. Yes, they had their own inner struggles and demons to deal with but also plenty of excess baggage from family, friends and others. I vividly remember hugging one woman who was in floods of tears after battering the life out of me and my boxing pads.

Finding your own IPT is so much more than making yourself exercise. My IPT has reared her head now for a reason. As we prepare to pack up and move on (see the Sailing Page if you don’t know what I’m waffling on about) I need to be strong both physically and mentally. I’m a very ‘emotional’ person and I’ve been known to ‘store up and explode’ so I think she’s going to let me express stress and anxiety through exercise. She’ll also help me clear my head when all I can think about is saying goodbye to people, helping the kids through a big change and so much more…

Do you have an ‘IPT’ or an inner voice that helps, guides and motivates you?

Michelle x


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