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Yassou! We’re currently sailing around the Greek islands – a long way from the UK. If I ever need a reminder of home I need look no further than the Greek supermarkets where I never struggle to find a trusty pot of Total Yoghurt. It’s just as popular here (makes sense it is Greek after all) as it is back home. Greek yoghurt isn’t just in the supermarket though, it’s  used everywhere from restaurants and and home kitchens to the tops of sunburned feet…

Noah eating Total yoghurt

If you ever needed confirmation that Greek yoghurt is used in Greece you just need to scour menus and recipes.  It’s the essential ingredient in many Greek dips such as Melitzanosalata (aubergine), Tzatziki (cucumber) and Pantzarosalata (beetroot and much tastier than the name suggests), in soups, with kofte and in the dough of those scrummy cheese pies. It’s also a main staple in the dessert department pairing up with honey to make the simplest but most delicious pudding as well as in cakes and sweet pies.

I’m currently catering for 7 people as we sail around the Greece so I buy a whopping great big tub of TOTAL and serve it up in a number of ways – some of them are tasty and others are, erm, not. Yes, we’ve had Total dollopped on top of our breakfast with a drizzle of honey, on fruit, on top of curries, in sauces and puddings and we’ve even used it for sunburn. Yes, one of our guests burnt his feet so we put a good old slap of yoghurt on them for 20 minutes which took away the sting! Anyway, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a little video clip of us enjoying the yoghurt on board!


Michelle Hannell's TOTAL Greek yoghurt video

Why not get a taste of Greece in your house, wherever it may be? Visit Total for recipe ideas and to find out more about this yummy and versatile ingredient.

  • This post was written in partnership with Total. Thank you!


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