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Days Out Just for YOU Ramblings — 10 May 2012

Do you know who I blame for making Zumba so popular? That Shakira. If those hips of hers had lied and been wobbling around I wouldn’t have dragged myself along to a class and found out they shake like a jelly. By the time I’d realised that Shakira is not human it was too late – I was Zumbafied. If you haven’t tried it – do! Here’s what it’s about…

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What’s Zumba about

Zumba originated in Colombia in the 1990s when an aerobics instructor forgot his CD and linked aerobic moves and dance moves together. Just as you would with a normal aerobics class you follow the instructor although with Zumba there are a lot more intricate moves and changes.

Do you have to be super coordinated?
I am not super co-coordinated but have mastered a few Zumba classes. The key thing is to enjoy it and not take it too seriously. Of course you’ll fluff up, go the wrong way and bump into the person next to you for the first few classes but you quickly get the hang of routines. Most people are too busy trying to follow the steps themselves than worry what you’re up to!

Do you have to be super-fit to Zumba?
I am not ‘unfit’ but I sometimes come out of a class looking like a beetroot, dripping with sweat and needing to sit down but that’s a good thing because it means I’ve had a good workout. Yes, you will find it sweat-inducing and difficult if you haven’t exercised for years but a good instructor will tailor the moves so to suit your fitness levels. Most people can notice a difference in their fitness levels after the first few.

Do you have to be super-skinny to Zumba?
No not at all. Zumba is for all shapes and sizes (embrace the curves ladies) and can be done when pregnant (make sure you inform your instructor).

Shakira - Live Paris  - 2010
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Do you have to have kit?
All you need to Zumba in are some trainers and exercise wear such as tracky bottoms and a T-shirt. You’ll find that there are some who go to town in skimpier outfits but it really doesn’t make the slightest difference to your ability to Zumba. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water and a towel to wipe your brow.

What’s the music like?
One word: fab. To be honest the tunes are one of the reasons why I keep going back for more. I’ve pretty much Zumba’d my way round Crystal Palace, SE19 and have found different styles of music in each class. If you love dancing in the kitchen whilst cooking the kids’ tea you’ll love it. Music varies from Latin American, hip hop, Black Eyed Peas and even Michael Buble (yes, really). I’m often singing (between trying to breathe) and dancing which makes it seem like fun. Honestly!

OK, how many calories do you burn and does it make wobbly bits less wobbly?
You burn between 500-900 calories in a one hour Zumba class – that’s the same amount as you would doing a fast half-hour run. Due to the high calorie burn off Zumba is great for weight-loss (obviously you need to watch what you eat). For toning you could try a Zumba tone class where you do specific toning exercises. I’ve not done this but I am going to ask a few fitness experts if I can try a class and then report back.

mummyratesit score out of 10
Cardio: 8
Toning: 6
Fun: 9

More information
You can find your nearest official Zumba class by looking on the Zumba website. However, there are probably a lot more which do not use the official Zumba music. Visit local forums and look out for posters.

Zumba in SE19
Antenna Studios: Mondays 10am-11am, Tuesdays 8pm-9pm, Wednesdays 10am-11am, Thursdays 7pm-8pm & 8pm – 9pm, Saturdays 10am-11am & 11am-12pm.
Perfect Circle Dance Studio: Mondays 9.45-10.45, Tuesday 8pm-9pm, Wednesdays 8pm-9pm, Thursdays 8pm-9pm


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  1. Glad you like Zumba, I’m addicted. My instructor used to run a half hour toning class after our regular workout, but as it was quite late in the evening it wasn’t very popular, so it got cancelled. Which is a shame as it was really working. I really noticed a difference in my triceps and my stomach. I think you look better doing Zumba if you’ve got a few curves, shimmying looks much better when you’ve got something to wiggle. I dropped all my baby weight with Zumba.

    • Hello Knitty
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is absolutely addictive isn’t it. I agree that the more shapely you are the better you look wiggling and shaking. I read something the other day that said celebs are now asking for a ‘softer’ body – and this is the sort of Latin American shape of the likes of Shakira. She is still tiny as are most celebs who wanted ‘softer’ bodies but they aren’t just skin and bone. BTW, I did read your post the other week about the teenagers not behaving themselves in a Zumba class – here’s a link to it for anyone who wants a chuckle Annoying Teenagers.
      Michelle x

  2. I love Zumba, is such a laugh a great thing to do with your friends we used to go in a group and a great way to let your hair down and keep fit at the same time! : ) x

    • Hello Sinead. Yes, you’re right it is a laugh. I used to go to one Zumba class with a friend where we’d just be at the back in bits laughing for various reasons. Usually because we were so rubbish we’d be going in the wrong direction but also because the Zumba instructor was very sexy and the guy who ran the hall used to stand at the door drooling. He was about 80 and we used to worry he’d have a cardiac arrest! I’m trying to get all the Mums from school along to one in morning after school drop-off! Hope you’re ok. x

  3. I’ve been thinking about giving this a go too. It’s hugely popular in Switzerland. Just have to endure a few times of making a fool of myself not understanding the language. So are you going to post a video of yourself giving it a go?

  4. I don’t think you’ll find the language difference the problem – it’s only going to be ‘whoops’ and ‘yeeeaaahhs’ anyway! Give it a go, honestly it really is fun. Erm, I don’t think I’ll video myself – I’m not sure that would be fair on me or you guys! I am gearing up to try Hot Yoga next week for another ‘mummyratesit tries…’ No cameras there I’m afraid but I’ll report back. Let us know if you try it. x

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