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Health & Fitness Homepage Slider — 28 November 2012

One hour of sweat and tears for a sculpted, long and lean physique? Sounds like a fair deal. I went along to FRAME the dance, fitness and holistic studio to try signature class, ‘The FRAME Method’.

The FRAME Method on mummy rates it

What is the FRAME Method?

The FRAME Method promises to stretch and strengthen every muscle in my body, it also promises to do it all in one hour and using only my body weight and some equipment. When I get to the class I quickly look around and notice it’s a non-trainer event and slip mine off.

Do you need to be super fit?

It’s not a jumpy around class so you will be fine. However, the instructor did warn me: ‘If you can finish off the sets you’re probably not doing it properly’ so expect intensity and sweat. After a quick introduction from our instructor we’re off. There’s no time to waste, which if we really are going to work the entire body, I’m not surprised. The warm-up is quick and it involves the heaviest hand weights you can manage – oh, and a lot of squats. By the end of the warm-up my legs were already jelly like and I did have doubts as to whether they’d be able to take me home at the end of the class.

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What else happens, apart from squats?

What do you mean you don’t like squats?! After the dreaded S word is over we began to do some floor work with press ups and an embarrassing display of side planks (I was wobbling all over the place) before moving to the barre (usually with a mirror behind it that ballerinas use). The first exercise involved your ankle being on the barre, not so easy for me.  I noticed that many of the women in the class were extremely flexible swinging their leg up onto it with ease whilst I had to manoeuver mine like a crane using my hands to pull it up!

The FRAME Method
What happens at the Barre?

I can assure you there’s no time for leg warmers and buns here, instead you place the small ball behind the back of your legs and squeeze and lift away to the point of pure bottom numbness. Then before there’s time to wince and whine it’s down on the floor with your head under the barre. You use a strap to pull up your body as you do a series of intense and ouchy sit-ups.

And then….

The class finishes off with some more abs and a final stretch and then that’s it. Job done! Surprisingly, although I felt I had given my body a thorough work-out I wasn’t to achy the following day. My body had been well-stretched and my stomach felt a bit tighter. Would I do the class again? You bet.

FRAME has two studios – Shoreditch and Queen’s Park. They are pretty ‘groovy’ with a range of classes including four FRAME signature classes as well as heaps of dance, pilates, yoga and pre&post natal classes to try (and very flexible payment methods too).

  • Thanks to Val @ FRAME who invited me along to review.


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  1. This sounds great. There’s noting like weights to sort yourself out. But you didn”t ache? You were skiving!

    • I did ache just not as much as I expected I would at the time. I can assure you I was not skiving and I will not stand for being slandered in such a manner!!! x

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