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Health & Fitness Homepage Slider — 25 February 2013

Some of you may know that I love to try a new exercise class or two. I love keeping fit but I do need to keep things fresh and exciting or I just zone out. The latest class I’ve tried is Flowetic. It combines ballet and contemporary dance with some achingly challenging abs and shoulders work…

Fiona and Dominique from Just Dance UK

Fiona and Dominique from Just Dance UK

Not one to let the dust settle on my Zumba pants (my morning class ended) I was very keen to try Flowetic. It’s a new class, designed by two super enthusiastic, friendly and extremely flexible friends Fiona and Dominique from Just Dance UK and offers something a ‘bit different’ for dance/music-loving Zumba types.

The girls came up with Flowetic to help their clients increase their range of movement, improve posture and alignment and relieve muscular tension. It begins with a warm-up which involves plenty of toe pointing. I’ll choose this moment to tell you that Ferne, my daughter, is under the impression that because I dabbled in ballet as a child that I am Crystal Palace’s answer to Darcey Bussell. This means that I regularly pirouette (badly) around her bedroom however this does not help much at Flowetic. Not surprisingly doing ballet in front of other grown-ups shows me up for the fraud that I am (sorry Ferne). I thought I was quite co-ordinated these days but I was easily thrown out of sync. I ended up feeling like an elephant who has her two back legs stuck in the same hole of her pants.

After lots of pointing (not at me but with the toes) and a bit of leaping (there must be a French term for that) we begin using the arms. Well, talk about ‘feel the burn’. The shoulders get a very good workout without a weight in sight. Simply holding them out and twirling them above one’s head for five minutes is enough to produce BSS or ‘blazing shoulders syndrome’.

Point your toes: Flowetic

Picture thanks to Kidoki @

The music shifts from classic to soulful Stevie Wonder with some DJ Shadow and Radiohead thrown in. All of which make the leaping, twisting, turning, twirling and sliding forwards, sideways and every other which way (feeling dizzy yet?) a lot of fun.

Fi and Dom then lead the class through a series of floor exercises, doing plies and more pointing. Should anyone enter the room at that point they’d probably say it isn’t one of my most elegant moments but hey ho, I can feel it in my legs and bum and that’s what counts! The floor work continues with abs (more ouch) and is finally topped off with the dreaded plank before my lack of flexibility’s shown up for what it isn’t with a series of loooooonnnnnggg stretches to increase flexibility.

Despite the leaping around the class leaves me feeling very relaxed, calm and even Zen like. For me it’s the perfect class to go with the other more cardio-orientated ones that I take part in. It’s also a great alternative to the usual Pilates and Yoga. Go on, go with the Flow-etic.

See Just Dance for the full timetable and class prices


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  1. This is actually the first time I heard about Flowetic and I hope I\’ll find someone who can teach me how to do it and hopefully, just near my area. I prefer Zumba and other dance classes as a way to get fit. I am sure I will love this one as well.

  2. First time I heard of this, too. Sounds interesting to me because it seems like a gentle routine. But can someone without a background in dance manage it?

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