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Fashion & Beauty Just for YOU — 07 March 2012

Hello sweetie, darling! Ever fancied the idea of having a personal stylist but can’t afford one? Would you love to have a full-on shopping sesh but find it’s too difficult to get out because of kids and/or work? In steps Dressipi, a website that searches shops and picks out clothes that will suit your body shape, style, preferences and budget.

Blouse from H&M found on Dressipi

Luxe for less: blouse from H&M, £14.99

I was at my friend’s house the other day and we were looking at my site. I told her about my ‘Just For You‘ page and she asked: ‘Have you looked at Dressipi yet?’ Next minute three of us were huddled round the computer ‘oohing’ and ‘aahhing’ about the items that Dressipi had picked out for her and deciding which ones she was going to buy.

No sooner was I home than I was inputting my details. First you need to create your unique ‘Fashion Fingerprint’ so have a tape measure at the ready (or request one from Dressipi). Input your vital stats, body shape, define your style, select your favourite colours and brands and Voila! Your Fashion Fingerprint is created and now all you need to do is SHOP!

Tubular skirt by Ted Baker found on Dressipi

Pencils at the ready: tubular skirt Ted Baker, £89

Just as you would rummage through a rail of clothes, rejecting the ones you don’t like, the more you ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ Dressipi’s selections the more attuned it becomes to your preferences – a bit like fashion TiVo! Furthermore, as anyone who shops online will know, it can be a pain having to return items so I particularly like the fact that Dressipi converts your stats into the size you need in each shop.

Lastly, if you encourage friends to sign up you earn points which you can convert into questions. Yes, if you’ve got a fashion dilemma (goodness knows I have one every time I go out) you can ask one of the fashion experts (check out their credentials – we’re talking backgrounds in Vogue).

Corinne dress by LK Bennett

Add curves: LK Bennett's Corinne Dress £195

I used my last Dressipi session to find an outfit for my graduation, so all the pictures you see here are ones that I have selected as ‘potentials.’ My gown is navy and gold and I wanted to stick to something ‘classical’ underneath so the photo doesn’t become one of those ‘what on earth were you thinking?’ ones in years to come. Perhaps you have a date or an event coming up that you ‘need’ a new outfit for? Tell me about it here and let us know what Dressipi picked out for you. Happy shopping!


PS: If anyone’s interested I’ll post a pic of my outfit when I’ve bought it.
PPS: If anyone would like to nominate me for a BiB I’d be really chuffed (and hugely grateful) *BLUSH*


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  1. Just when I thought I had my online shopping under control, you introduce me to this fabulous site. What an absolute gem! Need an outfit for a wedding in June. Think I’m going to give it a whirl.

  2. I’m all for technology TRYING to make our every day lives easier but there is still something to be said for actually trying clothes on .. you can’t beat it.

    I find looking at other REAL women that are similar to my shape is a good starter. The shops (online or high street) vary so much in dress size and they even differ within their own store – it’s really hard to get it right when shopping online.

    I set up Avenue 57 in order to look at someone else and what they are wearing so we too can dress in that item .. take a look

    • Hi
      Yes, I love trying clothes on too but sometimes that isn’t possible and some people prefer to do so in their own time and in their own homes. I will check out your site. Thanks for flagging it up. Michelle

  3. Oooh what a fab idea! I will go and check it out. I hate online shopping normally as invariably I choose things that I like but have no idea whether will fit or suit me and then have to send it all back. I equally hate schlepping around the shops, having to get changed a lot and not having the right accessories to see if an outfit really works, so this site sounds like it could be a good fix for me!

    • Yes it is a fab idea! I’ve since found out that they also have an App – you can see it here
      Happy shopping. Let us know what you get! Michelle x

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