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On Sunday we rushed out of the door to meet some friends for lunch. When we got there, had secured a table and were finally able to take a deep breath I realised that Ferne and I were wearing practically identical leather jackets.
I must admit I had a bit of a ‘eek’ moment hoping that nobody thought I had done it on purpose…

matching clothes for mums and daughters story on mummy rates it

Sure enough when our friends arrived they both commented on the identi jackets (both bought separately by different people) which we laughed off by saying that we were just like Posh and Harper. Fast forward a few nights and imagine my surprise when I discover an advert in my magazine for ETSI an online fashion store who, amongst some very lovely casual wear, sell ‘matchfits’ or ‘matching mother and daughter outfits.’

My first reaction was ‘Wowsers, is this for real?’ To me it seems like a completely kooky concept. Is anyone really going to want to dress like their child or want their kid to dress like them? Kids stay kids for such a short time it seems unfair if we’re already tailoring their wardrobe to co-ordinate with our own (and believe me, I’m all for accessorising).

Not so many years ago I can remember a situation where an Auntie wore the same wedding outfit as another guest – it was considered ‘a social faux-pas’. This etiquette obviously does not apply when it comes to ‘matchfits’ (as they are known)?

The advert suggests that Matchfits are great for ‘bonding’ and ‘everyday fun’ which I’m sure they are but you wouldn’t catch me (or Ferne) going outside in them! My thoughts aside, I’m wondering where the market for ‘Matchfits’ is? And scarily, does it all boil down to us mere mortals trying, yet again, to emulate ‘celebrity’?  After all, we’ve had ‘His and Her fashion’ for quite some time now (back to the Beckhams) so maybe it was only time before that look filtered down into parents and their children?

I am not saying that wanting to dress the same as your daughter is wrong, I’m saying it’s not for me. I’ve also yet to meet anyone who does it. If anything I’m intrigued by the concept but it will be extremely difficult to convince me that mother and daughter matchfits outfits is something I want to stuff my wardrobe with. What do you think?


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  1. I think it happens by accident sometimes – as you’ve clearly proved. I notice that boys and I wear similar colours – jeans and tops and gilets. We automatically dress them how we dress, because when I look at the funky Brighton residents with their hippy hair dos and clothes – they’ve dressed their kids in a similar vein. the more you look for it, the more you’ll see it!

    • Oh yes, it does definitely happen by accident I can assure you. You’re likely to buy things that you like for yourself and your kids and they are probably quite similar but would you buy the identical outfit? Just seems a bit out there for me! x

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