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Have you ever watched Masterchef and thought how fantastic it would be to cook in a professional kitchen where all of the ingredients are set out, ready for you to get your hands on? Where every little dish, knife, board and utensil is just sitting there on the work top complete with a kitchen fairy that tidies and does all the washing up? Well, that’s what happened to me on Wednesday night…

Review: Maggi So Juicy and Maggi So Crispy on independent review
Maggi, the flavours, herbs and spices folk, were showing off their So Juicy and So Crispy range and myself and a few bloggers got to try them out. First off we tried the So Juicy range which comes in 10 different flavours including:
Garlic …for Chicken, Paprika …for Chicken, Sweet & Sour …for Chicken, Chilli Con Carne and Chunky Chilli Con Carne.

Now, I don’t know about you but I would say I’m an ‘average’ cook. I can knock up something reasonably tasty, have yet to poison anyone (that I know of) or burn a house down (I definitely know that!) However, like all of us, I’m often short of time so anything that is going to produce tasty, healthy, family-friendly food without demanding huge amounts of time, skill or ingredients is most welcome (especially on a school night).

How to cook So Juicy

So Juicy ticks all of the boxes – take it from me, it really couldn’t have been easier. It goes something like this: grab packet, open packet, open the bag inside packet, put chicken, chopped veg and pre-mixed spices into bag, tie-up bag, shake bag and put in a casserole dish in the over for 45-50 mins. Voila!

The sceptic in me wondered if the end result was going to be So tasty but it really was, and you won’t be surprised when I tell you that it was also So juicy too! To accompany the Mexican Chicken we made guacamole and a rice salad (recipes below). Lots of the range would appeal to children and, as I said that night, it’s nice when you can make a dinner that hasn’t been ‘dumbed down’ to suit the kids.

Easy Guacamole

Mash together:
1 ripe avocado
1 chopped tomato
1 garlic clove diced finely and mixed in with a small amount of sale to produce a paste
Juice of half a lime

Rice salad

Mix together:
Pre-cooked rice
Sweetcorn (or other such as peas, peppers, onions)
Lemon juice

Review: Maggi So Juicy and Maggi So Crispy on independent review

And now onto So Crispy…

We then tried So Crispy which was also So easy. All you do is dip chicken (or whatever meat you fancy – one blogger used salmon as she didn’t eat chicken) in beaten egg and then coat in the breadcrumbs and cook in the oven for 25 mins.

Cath Edwards, our chef and giver of many handy cookery tips, suggested we could serve So Crispy with some sweet potato wedges, par-boiled and then cooked in the oven for 20 mins along with some other veg. She also reassured us concerned parents that the So Juicy and So Crispy ranges do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Thumbs up again.
Review: Maggi So Crispy and Maggi So Juicy on independent reviews

The verdict? So Crispy was very (I’m so over the So thing now) tasty and extremely easy. As a result of the Maggi blogger night I’m now able to add quite a few new easy, yet tasty, dinners to our family-friendly recipe repertoire. Why not give it a try yourself? AND Share your time-saving cooking tips and you could win some Maggi goodies. Enter the competition below.


I have 10 sets of ‘So Juicy’ and ‘So Crispy’ to win. All you need to do is comment below with your time-saving cookery tip. The ten best will win 1 packet of each. Competition open to UK residents only. Closing date: 15th June 2012.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with the ingredients to make the Maggi meals, however, opinions about the product and pictures are my own.

WINNERS: The winners of the maggi competition have been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered – you all came up with really helpful comments – I hope we can all put them to use. Michelle x
The winners were: C Youart, A Pokutycka, N Davies, J Sclanders, C Fisher, A Akehurst, E Howe, E Walters, PTJ and ‘noname’

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  1. I wish I could find things like this over here. May have to do a Tesco shop when I’m back in July. Looking very professional in your pinny :-)

    • Surely the Swiss sell Maggi – it’s a Swiss company! You need to get snooping the shelves or swap where you shop?
      As for looking professional – Yes I am. I actually remind myself of my Mum who is always in a pinny. I never wear one – just wipe my hands down my own clothes (that must be where the kids get that one from!)
      Michelle x

  2. my tip is to try and make meals in batches so things like cottage pie and corned beef hash at the same time so that i just make a lot of mashed potatoe and use for both – or for chilli and spaghetti bolognaise I cook looks of mince and split it x

    • Good one. And what is it with Mince? Nobody ever mentions that it is a household essential but it really is. Should appear underneath Milk and Bread in the essentials list! x

  3. I try to prep as much as I can the night before, and if possible set it up on timer in the oven, i guess i’m just moving the prep time, but i prefer to walk in to find our evening meal almost ready and relax a while before eating!!!

    • Yes, always good to plan ahead. I know what you mean about dinner cooking itself – there’s always so many things you can be doing whilst the oven is on.

  4. I try to prep as much as I can the night before, and if possible set it up on timer in the oven, i guess i’m just moving the prep time, but i prefer to walk in to find our evening meal almost ready and relax a while before eating!!! 26357

  5. My tip – and although it’s obvious many still don’t do it – clean as you go! It really saves so much time because if you leave it then it’s more difficult to clean. Plus you avoid cross contamination.

    • Yes, that’s a very good one Hazel. A sink ready for washing up anything that comes its way is really helpful. Thanks for sharing. We’re all going to be so Domestic Goddess after this! Michelle

  6. My time-saving cookery tip is marrying a chef! haha Just kidding!
    I really like cooking oven dishes when I don’t have much time to cook. I like putting chicken, onions, potatos and vegetables in a tray with chicken stock and put in the oven. After around 45 minutes, you have a lovely meal! :) x

    • Oh dear I’ve messed up there. I have a lawyer – very handy in other ways!

  7. Get your “other half” to wash-up.

  8. I love this competition!:) My tip is to always put the lid on the pan when boiling. Seems obvious but is too often forgotten about. With the lid on, everything boils sooo much quicker, and it saves energy too!

    • Oh dear, I’m a bit bad with putting a lid on it! You’re right, it makes a huge difference, really speeds up boiling etc. Going to try my best from now on. x

  9. I always keeps some ready chopped garlic, onions and herbs in the freezer so handy if I have to make a meal quick,and if I know I am not going to have time to cook one evening, I prepare two dinners the night before and just reheat one the next night.

    • Great ideas – like the sound of having ready chopped stuff in the freezer. I also use quite a bit of frozen veg and just throw those into food to plump up the 5-a-day ratio.

  10. My cookery time saving tip is to plan ahead. I know it sounds terribly sensible but it’s worth it to save time and money as it means I don’t end up staring blankly into the fridge during the week, or buying ingredients I won’t use.

    • You’re right. By planning ahead you get everything you need in. I waste far too much time having to nip down the road to get a missing ingredient.

  11. My time saving tip is use a slow cooker. I bung everything in before I go to work and its cooked by the time I get home. magic! @esthermate

    • I really want to get a SlowCooker. Which one do you use and would you recommend it?

  12. My tip is very easy – clean as you go. Do not leave all mess around you until you done and finished with everything. If you keep your prep / cooking area tidy at all times everything will go faster, as you will have more space to create whatever you cooking / baking at this time.
    Have fun!

    • Yes, and that’s a tip that most professional chefs use too isn’t it? You always see them on the TV washing as they go.

  13. My tip is to plan….I have a clear file of about 15 recipies that I regularly cook. The majority of these are also freezeable. So I write a week/fortnight guide as to what I think we shall have, then I do my grocery shopping with this guide (but willingly buy meat as to what is reduced!!) Then I batch cook where possible.
    The secret reason to starting the clearfile of recipies was that as a new Mum, when your brain doesnt function I can operate with a to do list but making a decision of what and how sometimes just does not work!!!

    • That is a brilliant idea – how organised of you. I must copy you immediately!

  14. This looks great! Will have to get round to trying Maggi. My time saving time would be to keep stocked up on staples. That way when you want to do something quick and easy you have everything you need to hand.

    • Brilliant idea. Do you keep a list of staples (she asks, hoping you’re going to share it…) x

  15. My time saving tip is to invest in a slow cooker. I work 2 days a week and when i get home it is 5.30 and too late to start dinner for children that go to bed at 7. I chuck it all in, meat pieces, carrots and potatoes, some stock, before i leave for work and get home to a lovely smelling home and a nutritious meal.

    • Another one loving a slow cooker. Must buy one. Which one do you have by the way and would you recommend? x

      • I have a crock pot slow cooker we got as a wedding present & I love it so simple to use & even has recipes in the instruction book. I think the size of slow cooker you buy all depends on how many you are cooking for :-)

  16. My best tip is always keep an eye on your cooking, I have burnt too many dishes while wandering off to finish other household tasks!! And make sure u have a fire alarm! Lol

  17. my tip is to be judicious when buying kitchen gadgets….. only buy ones you know you will use regularly (otherwise they take up valuable working space) and don’t buy ones which are so complicated and time consuming to clean that you lose any advantages of using them!

  18. i often find i dont have enough or need to open a new bottle of wine for recipes so i have started freezing some in an ice-cube tray so its always available :)

  19. Get the children involved in cooking in the kitchen early. In time they’ll develop their own interest, be able to cook simple food on their own before long. Then as teenagers you can reasonably expect them to produce a family meal without you entering the kitchen.

  20. I make lots of freezable sauces for pasta as this is one thing i know my children will eat and it’s quick if we get in late to put them in a pan while cooking the pasta. They love my tomato based one which secretly disguises atleast 6 different vegetables, great for picky eaters

  21. I get all the ingredients I need out before I begin – find that a lot less stressful which saves me time.

  22. I like to make an extra portion or two of what I am preparing for dinner. These work out great for lunches or if I stick them in the freezer they are great for busy days when I can just take them out and rely on them rather than microwavable meals or a takeaway. It also saves a nice bit of money.

  23. My time saving tip is when you return from shopping with fresh vegetables, ie onions, mushrooms, peppers etc, prepare them straight away and put them in the freezer. You can just deseed the peppers and freeze them in quarters then either chop into strips or dice them as required depending on the meal you are preparing. The same goes for mushrooms, either slice or quarter them before freezing (I tend to buy the large value packs and do both). This saves prep time on the night of cooking and there is no waster either with vegetables going off before you get a chance to use them.

  24. Prep everything first…. chop veg, grate cheese etc, clear away rubbish, even wash up sometimes, then, in your tidy, calm kitchen enjoy the cooking …… (well I like to live the dream when time permits!)

  25. Shop on-line !! This saves me time and money. It also means that I need to plan my menu – and can have certain ingredients ready in the freezer. I estimate that shopping on-line saves me about 5 hours a month and over £100 in money as I don’t have hubby and kids sneaking things into the trolley ! x

  26. Hi
    Really interesting ! My time-saving cookery tip is to make sure that your utensils etc are always well organised so you know where everything is before you even start cooking ! It’s so frustrating having to look for a little tool or gadget mid-way through cooking something and having to spend ages trying to find it !

  27. Batch cook, much quicker to reheat than cook from scratch, saves energy and money too

  28. My tip has to be making meals up in advance when you have the time and then freezing and using when you need a lovely home cooked meal in a hurry

  29. My tip is more for the cleaning process rather than the cooking. If you have pans or roasting trays with burnt on food (or stodgy leftovers). When you put the pans in to soak, use a little bit of washing powder instead. leave over night if you can and when you rinse it off it will be clean – no scrubbing required! No more hours spent scrubbing your pots, you can spend this time with your little ones (or grab a glass of wine and a bubble bath!).

  30. If you often chop lots of vegetables, buy a Nicer Dicer. This nifty little kitchen gadget has been an absolute god send to me. You can in one stroke, dice / chop entire onions, garlic cloves, peppers, tomatoes, and even make chips from a potato! It’s especially time saving when you need vegetables finely diced for dishes such as chilli, spag bol or lasagne. I use mine all the time, and I would be lost in the kitchen without it. I’ll never go back to slow chopping with a knife; I love my Nicer Dicer :)

  31. My tip is for roast or jacket potatoes- instead of waiting for hours for the oven to cook them through put them in the microwave first! It makes sure the inside is cooked and also peels away the skin so they go nice and crisp

  32. Weekly Food Calendars are my favourite time saver. No more searching through the pantry or cookbooks at the last minute, and it’s a great way to ensure less wastage. Also saves me a bucketload at the supermarket, as I am only buying what I need!

  33. i often cook a big batch of chicken or mince up and once the meat is cooked i spilt it up and make different things, like spagbol and chilli, chicken curry or chicken and veg. i then freeze the meals for another day

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