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Health & Fitness Homepage Slider — 03 October 2012

Over the weeks we have had Blogging Buddies posts about weight-loss, time management and even how to combine the two. This week the guest post is written by Bounty, those peeps who have been providing packs of baby goods to expectant parents, and it gives some great tips for post birth weight loss.

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During your pregnancy it is completely natural to gain weight. It would be quite distressing if you didn’t, because at the end of the day, you are growing another person! You may notice during your pregnancy week by week that you are jiggling a lot more in places you have never jiggled before and a lot of women are worried that once they have given birth there will be a massive struggle to lose the new found weight. Well here are some of the top tried and tested tips from new mums that may help you out:

Breast feeding – This is number one because as many people know during the first few weeks after giving birth, breast feeding is not only the most healthy start for your baby, the weight just drops off. This is a healthy and natural process, but there does come a plateau of weight that breast feeding just won’t break so once you are completely healed and comfortable, you should think about more active ways to shed the pounds.

Tackle the stairs – Just like in the gym, the stepper is one of the most dreaded, yet most calorie busting pieces of equipment out there. If you have stairs in your house, think about maybe moving the baby changing station up there. That will mean every time you need to change your baby you will have to tackle the stairs. Even after a couple of weeks you will notice the tightness to your muscles.
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Dance – Dancing is fun, cheap and really works! There are loads of dance videos, games and music to boogie too! It’s really effective and not only can you lose pounds in weeks, dancing makes you feel happier and can really bring you out of a bad mood, especially if you are stuck in the house.

Baby medicine ball – If you are holding your baby all the time you may as well make a work-out of it! You can use your baby during squats and lunges, obviously being very careful and clearing the area before you start! As your child gets older and bigger you will become stronger and fitter!

Go for walks – Obviously when it is cold outside it is really hard to get the motivation to start pounding the pavement but it’s really important for you and your baby to get out of the

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house. Many newborns find being pushed around really soothing and can get them off to sleep a lot quicker. Rocking and staying in the house all day does nothing for your sanity!

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  1. Top tips here. I must say your recommended reading of ’6 Weeks to OMG – How to be Skinnier than your friends’ really worked for me. I managed to get into THAT dress for the MADS (and had a photo taken especially for you, now on my blog) – more mentally than anything. I don’t stick to it religiously by any means but he got into my head about feeling sad when feeling overweight and it not mattering what anyone says – it’s how you feel. Keep up the good work Michelle X

    • Well I recommended that to you half in jest as it sounded ridiculous of course now you’ve said it has worked I’ll now read it properly! I saw your pics of you in your dress at the MADS this morning and thought you looked amazing. I was stuck in a traffic jam at the time so couldn’t leave a comment on your blog but I will. The colour and style really suits you – you were looking very bronzed. I also noticed how lovely you were putting a motherly and friendly arm around Mylene. You’re such a love xx

  2. I lost all my baby weight after having Molly due to breast feeding! I was amazed how fast it came off! x

    • That’s great Sinead. Breastfeeding is great for that although it always made me want to eat cake! I must say the second time I lost weight after I stopped breastfeeding – I’d obviously gone a bit overboard with the cake eating that time!

  3. A bit late for me, but great tips! :o )

    • Always good to know what you SHOULD have done! xx

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