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I don’t know about you but we’ve had our fair share of battles with the kids over the time and content of their TV and computer use. If you have the same battles at home you’ll like the sound of Virgin’s TiVo box, which allows you to tailor TV viewing so all the family is happy. Here’s more about it…

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Parents often have a strained relationship with technology, especially when it comes to trying to set up a few rules for the kids’ usage. No one wants to be an absolute tyrant and only allow their children to use the computer and television at proscribed times and periods but many feel it’s important that they don’t spend too long in front of a screen.

Virgin TiVo box

As mobile and digital technology becomes integral to our everyday lives, with children using it to learn new skills,   for schoolwork and independent learning perhaps what we should be concerned with is what children are using the technology for?

One recurring problem for households has been the amount of ‘rubbish’ we perceive children to be watching on television. Thankfully there is a solution – a development in television technology called the Virgin Media TiVo box.

With the TiVo box from Virgin Media, find out more here, you get a number of services that make tailoring television to your family’s needs easier than ever. For instance, one of the biggest annoyances in households used to be the children’s inability or unwillingness to do something because they “just had to finish the end of this programme.” With the recording and on demand capabilities of the TiVo box, families can watch shows at any time, making this particular excuse a non-starter.

Another great function for families is Virgin’s TiVo ‘suggestions’ and the programme information provided with each show. If you, or the children, find a show you really like you can rate it and, taking those ratings into consideration, the TiVo box will recommend new shows to watch. Not only is it a very accurate taste-tester but the new programmes it finds are sure to be a hit with everyone in the family – both parents and kids.


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