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Perhaps a cheery ‘ahoy’ and telling you how heartily I have ‘scrubbed the decks’ would be expected round about now but to be honest as soon as we got on board the boat all I wanted to do was unpack and get out our new Crew Clothing gear!..

Crew Clothing as worn by Mummy Rates It kids

Noah wears: Tobias Polo, £20; Peter shorts, £26
Ferne wears: Pippa shirt, £24; Pamela skirts, £24

When I chose the clothes from the Crew Clothing site (back in a very chilly UK) the thought of sunshine prompted me to go for a much-needed colour injection. For Ferne I chose the Pippa shirt – a lovely pink and white Gingham check. 100% cotton and with 3/4 length sleeves it struck me as a bit of a travel ‘essential’. The style means it’s ideal for covering up when the sun is strong and it also gives some coverage for when the nights are still a bit chilly. To go with it (a pair of leggings would also work) I picked out the Pamela skirt – a cute spotted denim mini with star detailing on the back pocket.

Meanwhile Noah, who took to the photo-shoot like a natural (note the cocked leg), sported a Tobias Polo shirt. I loved the green (a nice change from the ‘usual’ blue) which I teamed it with the fab checked blue and green Peter shorts which are also 100% cotton with an adjustable waist, tie front and lining.

These clothes were proof that you get what you pay for as I could feel and see the quality of the clothes. All too often kids clothes aren’t made to last but these pieces were clearly well-made with items like the Peter shorts feeling more than capable of surviving the trials of a scrabbling young pup. Little extras like pockets, embroidered button holes, motifs and contrasting, patterned linings also hinted at quality. I particularly liked the way the Pippa shirt was finished with a stripe lining that looks great when you roll up the sleeves and how the Tobias shirt had a Number 1 (no other number will do for a boy wonder) and a boat wheel design on the back. The only fault I could find was that the Pamela skirt could have done with an adjustable waistband. As with all Crew clothes all pieces featured the Crew Clothing crossed oars logo.
Crew Clothing

Of course, it’s all very well me thinking the kids look great but the real test is if the kids are happy and comfy. Pippa, Pamela, Tobias and Peter (great names, aren’t they?!) were put through their paces via some very splashy and frantic fishing on the pontoon along with general boat duties. I’m pleased to say that all items stood the test very well and without any need for tugs, yanks, pulls and other unsightly methods of readjustment.

There’s 17 months between our two but they’re both pretty much the same size and wear Age 7. I found the Crew Clothing fit to be generous leaving plenty of room to grow (both up and out) so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still fitting at age 8 and 9.

Despite what you may previously have thought, the Crew Clothing label is as much for day-to-day city and country folk as it is for seafarers and sporty types. You can find Crew Clothing on the High Street or alternatively shop online where there’s free delivery for orders over £100. Take a look!

PS: I’ll be featuring Crew Clothing adults clothes soon!
PPS: Many thanks to Crew Clothing for the gorgeous clothes.


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  1. Nice clothes! Looking forward to seeing the adult versions. I picture you wearing the same but in a bigger size ;-)

    • I’d very happily wear the clothes although the dress I’ve got is super! Just need to find a time for a grown-ups photoshoot. I am of course keeping up to usual standards but the skipper has gone a bit feral already!! Thanks for commenting. Michelle x

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