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Fashion & Beauty Homepage Slider — 04 September 2013

Disguiser of one too many tubs of feta and sagging swimwear, not forgetting being kind to skin and stylishness the beach cover-up has become my best bud. If you haven’t had your sunny holidays yet or you’re in the midst of planning a half-term getaway here are a few cover-ups you may like to try/buy.

Jersey Kaftan from Next, £22

Kaftan’s are hip!

My personal favourite so far is my kaftan from Next. A lace effect jersey kaftan with a deep V and a drawstring waist it’s sooo easy to wear. I opted for navy – a sensible choice considering our current circumstances where clothes washing is limited. Not only did the colour hide greasy sun marks and salty patches but after four months of parading about and hanging out to dry in the Greek sunshine there was little if any fading.

I must admit Next’s kaftan looked great thrown over swimwear. If, however, you’re the super trendy type you could easily wear it nightime ‘a la Gucci’ with a 50s style bra underneath.

Sadly this particular kaftan has sold out but I’ve spotted a very similar Jersey Kaftan from Next’s autumn collection. It comes in white or blue and instead of the lace effect it has a wavy pattern. Otherwise the style and fit look exactly the same. A great buy for holidays to come and at a very reasonable £22.

Pack a multi-tasker

Those of you who are clever packers know that a beach cover-up can be used elsewhere too. This gorgeous, 100% silk full length jungle cover-up from Roman Holiday Beach Couture, £130 can be worn on the beach and at the bar. The fabric looks so light and floaty I can just see it wafting off down the beach in the direction of nearest cocktail…

Sarongs: Tie yourself in knots (or a buckle)

How many ways can you use a beach sarong? Cover up, towel, picnic rug, turban, bunched together to make a sack and shawl. I think they only thing we haven’t done with ours yet is turn it into a sail and that’s not an impossible suggestion.

I’m loving Maryan Mehlhorn’s collection of sarongs which are sold through Simply Beach. In particular I like the paisley print sarong ‘Mazagan Palace Pareo’. By the way, ‘sarong experts’ suggest you should choose one in the colour of your swimwear but if you’re anything like me you’ll have a ‘rainbow’ collection so this colourful sarong is perfect!

Also on the Simply Beach site I saw the very nifty Seafolly Australia buckle which holds your sarong neatly in place (no more faffing around with knots). In the pictures they’re showing it used for a mini-sarong but I see no reason why you couldln’t use it with the long version. What a great idea!

Sarong buckle by Seafolly

*With thanks to Next for the Kaftan.


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