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Just for YOU Reviews — 25 June 2012

Right, I’ve got a bit of a moan. Why didn’t any of my friends tell me about Big Hair? Quite frankly it’s what has been missing from mine and my poker straight, very flat hair’s lives …

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Independent Review: A few months ago I was listening to the radio and the DJ (Geoff Lloyd to be precise) was talking about Big Hair – not his own (he has got quite a mop and I don’t think Geoff will mind me saying that – cos he’s on here all the time and we’re like ‘that’) but the appliance. My ears pricked up. Big Hair I thought to myself, that’s just what I need.

Anyway, this talk about Big Hair had been slowly drip-feeding its way into my daily thoughts and eventually out of my hands as they dipped into my purse. I snaffled up Big Hair in Sainsburys and used my Nectar Points to pay for it (somehow that made a luxury and lets face it, non essential – did I really say that? – purchase seem acceptable).

No sooner was I home than I washed my hair and got ready to Big-it-up. The instructions do tell you that it will take a few goes to get the hang of it. For anyone else out of the loop, Big Hair is a hairdryer with a spinning brush, that helps you create volume from the roots but also to tuck under (or up) the ends of your hair. My first attempt was not too bad. I must say I did get a bit confused by which way to curl and for how long to spin for but by the end of the first attempt I was motoring away.

I’ll admit my hair wasn’t overly BIG but it was looking pretty good for me and I have to say it’s the closest I can get to a salon blow dry at home. My hair is just above shoulders but it would work on slightly shorter hair and be no problem for longer hair. As suggested in the instructions it’s best to either allow your hair to semi dry naturally or with a hairdryer before bringing out BH.

Me and my Big Hair - honestly it's an improvement!
Today (well this will actually be last Friday when this goes live) I’ve just Big-Hair’d-Up for the festival weekend which you know it makes perfect sense: it’s raining, I’ll be getting hardly any sleep, I’m in a sleeping bag and it won’t see a brush for 3 days but hey ho at least I’ll arrive (in the dark) looking my best!

*ps: does anyone remember a few years back it was an insult to say someone had ‘Big Hair?’ What a turn-around.

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  1. This is on my shopping list too. I’m great at getting a bit of volume in to the sides of my hair but rubbish at the back. Hoping that mastering the brush will give me a hope of producing a professional blow dry at home. I think your hair looks fab – did it hold through the festival? And did you have a good time? x

    • Ah thank you. It did ‘last’ as (this is a bit gross) but I still haven’t washed it! We got back quite late yesterday and so I couldn’t face washing my hair and drying it. I did have a shower though and thought i’ll deal with it tonight. At school this morning the teaching assistant said ‘your hair looks nice!’ That’s four days and four messy nights sleep – now if that isn’t putting a product to the test I don’t know what is! I must admit I did also spray the old dry shampoo through it so that has helped. The IOW fest was great thanks. It took us AGES to get there though, we basically sat in a traffic jam from midnight til 11am the following morning. We did have a giggle though and everyone was very friendly. As soon as we arrived it was all forgotten about (we were lucky as we got a hard pitch for our van so no mud ‘at basecamp’ and no worries about being towed out on Monday). Loads of really great bands. I’m a big fan of Starsailor from years back and the lead singer has just launched his solo album so I was front row for that one. The sun came out on Sunday too which was a perfect ending. The Boss was amazing, so much stamina – I have now lost my voice which is always a sign of a good weekend.

  2. I bought one of these on the advice of someone on Femail and it is THE best purchase I have ever made. I don’t know how I lived without it! I love it so much, my hair has gone from dank and limp to lively and shiny. It’s much better than straighteners too and very cheap in my opinion. Like a pro blow dry!

    • I know! So great, easy and not that expensive in the long run. It also means you don’t overdry your hair as it works well when your hair is nearly dry. I did it today and it took all of 5 mins – just gives it a bit of a boost at the roots. Brilliant. Thanks for commenting. x

  3. Love love love Babyliss Big Hair! Been using it since Christmas and never have I had so many compliments on my hair. I have fine, frizzy shoulder length hair and this makes it so sleek and shiny! I’m actually considering buying a second to have at home just incase it was to ever break..Best present ever! :)

    • I know it is fab isn’t it?! Glad you’re enjoying yours. I don’t think I could go back to ordinary hair-drying again. If you do get another one make sure you look out for special offers – I got mine at Sainsburys and it was on offer. About £10 off. Thanks for commenting and happy big hair days to you! Michelle x

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