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Fashion & Beauty Just for YOU — 27 April 2012

As you may or may not know, I do love a spot of clothes shopping, so you can imagine how excited I was this week when I was able to get my mitts on not one but two high street/designer collaborations. Firstly, the Olivia Rubin range for Dorothy Perkins and then, last night, Lulu Guinness’ T-shirts for Uniqlo.

Olivia Rubin for Dorothy Perkins

Rubin’s collection for Dorothy Perkins launched this week and I must say I loved pretty much all of it. Her holiday-inspired prints featuring birds and shells are very cute indeed. Cleverly she’s tried to design something for every shape so there’s something for everyone. I particularly like the peplum (good for tum disguising) and the floaty sleeves (good for bingo wing cover-up).

Much as I’d like to I wasn’t about to snap up the whole collection and some of the dresses, although very pretty, were too dressy. So, in the end I opted for the Pink bird maxi dress. Why? Well, because with a maxi you can dress it up or wear it casual. I thought that IF (and it’s a big IF) the weather cheers up I could wear it dressed down for picnics, beach holidays and the like and dress it up for parties and dinners out (I live in a dream world where I go to lots of parties and meals out but never have the need for really practical clothes!)

Well, that pink maxi has just been delivered and it will not be going back. Yay! I’ve just tried it on and my verdict is: it’s lush. I will, however, point out two things to anyone considering buying it. In my opinion whereas Dotty P’s is usually quite generous this does come up quite small. Secondly, it is EXTREMELY pink. Online it looks kind of dusky but in the ‘flesh’ it is close to neon. As I’ve said I don’t mind that in fact I love that but just so you have the head’s up.

Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo

My second dabble into the world of designer collabs came last night at Grazia’s ‘Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo’ event. Entering the flagship store on Oxford Street we were greeted by a range of gorgeous looking and even better tasting cocktails.

There was quite a frenzy in the LG T-shirt area but with enough elbowing and enough slurps of cocktail I managed to get my hands on two of her designs. Firstly, the cat eyes, nose and whiskers (which I later had painted onto my nail) and secondly the cat and mouse graphic-print T-shirt.

Lulu Guinness made an appearance last night and there was quite some excitement. One fashion-goer had come bedecked in all things LG – two bags, glasses, even earrings and got the lady herself to sign the lining of her bag. I was trying to take all this in but shopping, eating the most scrumptious macaroons (by Laduree) and helping myself to the old-school pick ‘n mix was quite a feat.

I also waited my turn to have a manicure. The team, who had worked on London Fashion Week were using the Butter range of nail varnishes and were telling me how wonderful the products were (Vegan friendly, no chemicals and brilliant colours). As I mentioned, there were different Lulu Guinness-inspired manicures to choose from and I opted to have red nails but with one painted with the LG cat face (I enjoyed showing that to Noah and Ferne this morning).

Importantly, back to the T-shirts. In contrast to the Dotty P range I’d say these T-shirts come up quite large so the medium on me is as big as I’d want it. Bear this in mind when ordering!

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  1. I love that maxi dress. How tall do you think you need to be to wear one? I’m only 5’4 and have always assumed they’d drown me. Never even tried one on but I do like them.

    • I am 5ft 6 and it is right down to bottom of my ankles. However, I’m sure you can find one that is shorter or shorten it. I don’t think it’ll swamp you – maybe go for a plainer one if you think it will shorten you – or a lengthening stripe/vertical pattern? Don’t forget you can always wear a wedge heel too which’ll boost you up. Try one on, go on, dare you! x

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