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Fashion & Beauty Just for YOU — 24 May 2012

Need an accessory that’ll last the distance this summer? Why not try out a scarf? Or, to be more precise, a scarf that celebrates Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes and raises money at the same time. Ta da! Here are 5 ways to wear Next’s Paralympics GB Supporters’ Scarf.

Michelle Hannell of wearing Next's Paralympics GB Supporters’ Scar

I must admit I’ve had a bit of help with this one. I was snooping around the library the other week when I stumbled across a real gem: The Five Minute Scarf Arranger by Pia Tryde Sandeman. From the cover I guessed it came out in the Eighties and I was right, the date inside the cover says 1989. Fortunately the 80s are ‘in vogue’ and so the suggestions in the book aren’t that far off the mark.

With Sandeman’s book for inspiration I managed to find 5 ways to style up Next’s Paralympics GB Supporters’ Scarf, £5. The scarf in question is a square shaped scarf, measuring approx 53cm x 53cm – breathe a sigh or relief as had the scarf been larger I might have got carried away with the book’s Shoulder Shapes suggestions which include a racy bare back and bow number.

5 ways with Next’s Paralympics scarf

1. With a relatively small scarf it is still possible to create a number of looks. No sooner had the starter pistol gone and I had whipped up a rolled kerchief in about 2 seconds. This would look lovely with a plain sundress and the colours will tie-in nicely with denim (jackets, jeans and cut-offs).

Next's paralympics scarf reviewed on - 5 ways with a square scarf
2. I then whipped up a bangle type affair. Great for adding colour to an outfit and also a nod to sporty Olympics/Paralympics’ chic – ‘sports luxe’ is very 2012, don’t you know.

3. Not content with sporting the scarf myself, I also added it to my red handbag. As well as being eyecatching it is also handy for making your bag stand out in a crowd (although I don’t recommend you leave your handbag unattended at any time!)

4. My fourth style shows how you can mix new and vintage to create a unique look. To create this scarf/brooch look I scrunched up the Next scarf and held it in place with a vintage brooch. Make sure it’s really secure and tweak the ends when it is in place.

5. Finally, I don’t think the sophistication of the Classic Wrap can be beaten. With the 50s being big news this year (thanks to her Majesty) this look will protect you from the all the elements we are likely to endure during the Games. I insist that this style MUST be worn with BIG sunglasses at all times!

  • Show your support for a great cause by snapping up one of Next’s Olympics and Paralympics scarves. All monies raised from sales go towards the British Olympic Association. If you purchase a scarf you can submit a photo of you wearing it and possibly win a prize.
    Good luck!

    DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of the Next scarf – opinions are my own.

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