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Fashion & Beauty Homepage Slider — 14 March 2013

I’ve been to college and University but never Boob School. Yesterday the five of us (that’s me and my Quadraboob) went along to the Bravissimo, W1 to achieve better results with the perfect fitting bra…

The Quadraboob from Bravissimo

All bra-wearing women struggle to find a good-fitting bra and when/if they do they keep it for far too long! A good bra, like a man, can be hard to find but as much as it might fit like a glove when you first buy it your boobs don’t stay the same size. Six months later and diets, weight gain and age can all change measurements. This is just one of the many things I discovered from Deputy Head/Assistant Manager Mila at Bravissimo’s Oxford Circus branch.

Bravissimo, you see,  has launched its tongue-in-cheek ‘Boob School’ to help all us bra-wearers find the perfect fitting bra. Statistics gathered, they discovered that most bra wearers need some extra tuition (only 1 in 5 wear the correct size) to avoid what they call the: ’7 common bra faux pas’

1. The Quadraboob – where your boobs spill over the cup
2. Super Drooper – where your boobs aren’t getting the support they deserve
3. The Ledge – the opposite of the above – this time your boobs are uplifted so much they create a surface you could eat your dinner off!
4. Side Boob – Boobs spill out the sides creating ugly bulges and a generally uncomfy feeling
5. The High Rider – where the back of your bra rides up so high it could be confused with a scarf or a collar!
6. Saggy Cups – over excess of material on the cups leads to wrinkles – not sounding good, is it?
7. The Big Stand Off – the front of your bra doesn’t sit on your sternum

Pretty as a Pin Up Bra by Bravissimo

The Boob School Service

Downstairs the ‘fitting area’ was busy with at least 5 or so other women being dealt with by ‘boob prefects’ and a gaggle of friends/husbands sitting around reading papers and magazines. Their noise and the gentle knocks on the changing room doors created a buzz about the place.

I was led to a spacious changing room and asked to show the bra that I was wearing. In contrast to some other bra measuring services, Bravissimo staff are tape measure-less. Instead, ‘boob prefect’ Mila adopted a trial and error approach, using the bra that I came in with as a starting point.

I’ll put my hands up and admit that Mila immediately told me I should be on detention for committing the Quadraboob and The High Rider. Whilst it may not have been the best of starts I was at least reassured to discover that these two are the most common faux pas and Mila couldn’t have been nicer about it – not at all like a horrible, old school teacher!

Throughout my fitting my size differed from a D in some styles and makes to an E in others. As well as finding that some styles – eg. full cup suited my shape better than others Mila also showed me how to help my boobs into the bra. I’ve never done it before but manoeuvering your breasts inside the cups makes a big difference (avoid Side Boob) as did adjusting the straps (no more Super Drooper).

Mila said that as a rule you should start wearing a new bra on the loosest fitting and over time as it stretches you can move to a tighter fitting. She also told me to hand wash the bras as the movement and heat of the washing machine can play havoc with materials and under-wiring.

During my Boob School education I probably tried on about 20 – 30 bras of differing colour, shape and design. Mila was happy to give her opinion on colour and pattern as well as style. I appreciated her honesty and found the service fun and not at all embarrassing or awkward.

Boob School taught me that you need to shop around to find the best fit and not to settle for one that’s just ‘OK’. Finding the right bra for your shape takes time, effort and a bit of education. The energy put in is worth it as the difference to how the perfect fitting bra felt (let alone looked) was astonishing.

Making an appointment at Bravissimo’s Boob School is free and you’re under no obligation to buy – although I did! I ended up buying 5 bras of various styles and colours and a bikini.  I was also very lucky to be given the Pretty As A Pin Up set (above) as a complimentary gift – a big thank you for that.

Visit Bravissimo to find out all about Boob School and how you can be top of the class!




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