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On Wednesday I cha-cha-cha’d my way along to a ‘Dance Master Class’ hosted by TOTAL Greek Yoghurt. We sweated, we laughed and we trod on eachother’s toes (A LOT) and the great news is now you can do it too…

Michelle mummy rates and Yuri from dancing

Why TOTAL Greek Yoghurt?

Now you may be wondering why a Greek Yoghurt producer got a load of bloggers to dance their legwarmers off? Well, if like me, you’re zany for Zumba, barmy for Boot Camp and partial to Pilates it’s important to make sure you’re giving your body the right reward after you’ve worked out. It turns out that TOTAL Greek Yoghurt is ideal because it contain 10g protein (per 100g) – just what your poor old muscles need to recover and grow after you’ve put them through all that hard work.
Raspberry and Blueberry muffins, dance master class, TOTAL Greek Yoghurt
Now for some the idea of a yoghurt as a reward for all that burn may not get them discoing with delight so you’ll be pleased to know there are tons of recipes that you could use TOTAL in (over a 1000 I do believe). In the interests of research as well as dancing I also gave my mouth a workout on two mouthwatering savoury wraps and finished off with a low-calorie raspberry and blueberry muffin – all made using TOTAL Greek Yoghurt and all, of course, TOTALly yum.

Now onto the moves

Jesus and Dee dance instructors for TOTAL Greek Yoghurt event on mummy rates it
Our teachers for the 3 hour session (yes, 3 hours) were the talented dancer, teacher and choreographer Jesus Reyes Ortiz from Dancebuzz and Dee Thresher, celeb trainer and seriously sexy mover. We learnt four dances: Tango, Rumba, Jive and SAMBA with Jesus and Dee taking us s-l-o-w-l-y through each dance, move by move until we were finally able to move around the room. It was fun, a bit chaotic in places but best of all a great workout for the body and soul.

Feeling inspired and ready to boogie? I hope so. Why not let Jesus and Dee into your front room and learn the dances by following their instructions on TOTAL’s YouTube clips. Just grab a partner (or a cushion) and get moving. Dancing really is a great way to keep fit and all the moves you pick up are sure to impress at the Christmas party or your next night out. Just don’t forget to reward your body with the right, protein-packed foods!

*All photos by Satureyes


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  1. Michelle your new look website looks fab! Love this posts too, looks like you had a lot of fun! Am going to check out those youTube clips too! P.S. am still doing really well on the weight loss side and so are you by the looks of the picture at the top, you look fab! X

    • Ahh, thanks Karen, glad you like it. Jo @geekfairyjo did it for me (very reasonable rate). I wanted a change and wanted a more magazine like look which allowed me to basically blog about more things!..
      The dancing was amazing as were the teachers. I was actually thinking through the steps in bed this morning so I think I’m pretty taken with it. At Zumba yesterday I wiggled a bit more doing the Samba-like routine. Thanks for your comments about the bod. I’m trying my best. I think the combination of dieting and exercise is paying off although not massively on the scales but I can tell from the fit of my clothes and the fact that I don’t look 6 months pregnant (my belly always sticks out). Glad to hear you’re doing so well. Your hard work will make you feel extra special and nice and healthy for your hols. Thanks for commenting. Lots of love M xx

  2. haha!!!! look at us working that floor!!!! ;-)
    Decided I might ACTUALLY start dancing classes it was so much fun! And well… an awesome workout too!! ;-)
    My post is coming up on Monday. btw… ;-)

    • It was fun and it’s great to do something a bit different but still work up a sweat. Shame Frame is so far from my ‘manor’. Keep on dancing Mr. x

  3. love it!!! didn\’t we have a fab day! so great to meet you and you dance like a pro, hope to see you soon at the next event xxx

    • Yes Dee it was fun and wow, thanks for the compliment – you’re too kind! Look forward to seeing you soon and dancing some more. Keep smiling! Michelle x

  4. for sure!! have just posted your article on my facebook page, me look forward to it too and thank you sweetie xxxx

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