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Well, hello there!

This is’s first BLOG. How exciting!

Before I waffle on, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Michelle, I’m 37, I am married and have two children. My son is aged 5 and 3/4 (very important that 3/4′s part) and my daughter is 4 (she’s not so bothered by halves and quarters but to be fair she’s very nearly 4 and a half!) Yes, they are close in age – 16 1/2 months to be precise. Yes, we were crazy but despite this we’re very happy and blessed to have two beautiful children and to be moving on with our lives and out of the nappy/sleepless nights/frazzled state (well, maybe not the last bit!)

In fact, it’s the moving on to a new stage that has led to me starting this BLOG and eventually the website. At the same time as my DD (Dear Daughter) started in reception I also finished my BA (hons) degree with the Open University. With new-found time on my hands I decided to combine my past employment skills in the editorial departments of She Magazine, Good Housekeeping Magazine,, and with the those I had acquired from being a full-time Mum.

Still there? I found two distinct gaps in the cyber market. Firstly,  a lack of clear, honest and non-biased reviews of products aimed at primary-school aged children. And secondly, little focus on the people forking out on these products – namely the parents, grandparents, relatives, carers, friends etc. This is where comes in…

Let me tell you what is…

  • A website that will review products and toys aimed at primary-school aged children
  • A site that will give honest, non-biased feedback on these products
  • A site that positively encourages contributions from other parents and users of the site
  • A site that wants to engage with its users by using them to review products
  • A site that urges manufacturers to stand up to their claims! (More on the‘s shield later…)

Now let me tell you what is NOT

  • Swayed by advertising or promotions
  • A shop – we do not sell the products that we think are good
  • Scared to say what we think

Phew! So there you have it. What do you think? I’d love to hear from you with your opinions on this matter. Perhaps you’ve got a great kids product at home that you think other parents should know about? Or are you a manufacturer thinking you’d like to be one of the first products to be given the prestigious shield of approval?

I’d love to hear from you. So please, don’t be shy – share!




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  1. Yay Michelle, looks great! Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Looks great and sounds great Michelle. Well done and good luck

  3. Hi Michelle, will be following you closely…. Great work..xxxx

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