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Health & Fitness Homepage Slider — 19 January 2013

To get the best out of my workouts (and therefore the best out of myself) I like to keep things fresh and exciting in the exercise department. I’ve had a snoop around and found the latest fitness crazes to hit the UK. From Ugi to Core-Tex here are four classes that you may like to try in 2013…

Ugi ball on mummy rates it

Ugi ball – the little squishy ball that promises big things


If you like Zumba but find it hard to keep up with the instructor (you go left when everyone else goes right) then Bokwa could be the class for you. Participants learn steps by forming letter and number shapes with their feet. Once you’ve grasped this you’re sorted as the rest of the class involves little choreography.


I always enjoy trying out a new gizmo or two and this is one class that involves a new bit of kit. Core-Tex comes from the USA and is now offered in a class at Virgin Active. It involves using a three-dimensional, wobbly board to do a variety of mobility and strength exercises. It’s apparently great for improving flexibility and is suitable for fitness, sports conditioning and rehabilitation.


The first thing I love about the sound of an Ugi session is that it lasts a mere 30 minutes! Said to combine strength, cardio and core training, participants use the squishy Ugi ball (it’s taken two years to develop) to complete 30 different exercises per session. Oh, did I mention you don’t get to rest? No. Thought not. Classes are coming to Virgin Active in October, however, you can buy a Ugi at home kit which includes a ball, a workout flipbook with images of the exercises, a healthy eating guide and a smart phone app.


Lasting 45-minutes and set to chart-topping pop and dance tunes Sh’Bam sounds like just my thang! It’s a Les Mills class which means the routine gets updated every few months so there’s no danger of getting bored. The routines are apparently uncomplicated and include interval training sessions – also big news for 2013.

Have you tried one of these classes or have you got a new class to tell me about? If you work in the fitness industry and you’d like me to review a class please get in touch.

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  1. I would add Metafit to the above list of new training ideas to try in 2013.
    A 30 minute body weight only intense workout.
    Give it a try.

    • Hi June. Thanks for the tip. I’ll look it up. Sounds great – esp the 30 mins part! M x

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