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When I find myself on the sofa, covered in crumbs, a chocolate wrapper guiltily tucked in my dressing gown pocket I often ‘come-to’ and wonder how I got there. You see it’s as if my hands take over control of my functions, which is why I could do with The Moderator, a simple but effective ‘reminder device’…

The Moderator - device to help stop 'repetitive habits' mummy rates it

Our habits often carry on without us even noticing – they can be so deep-rooted that although we may try to be conscious of them they often slip by unnoticed or settle back into place in a very short space of time. This is exactly the reason why Grant Penfield designed The Moderator.

What is The Moderator?

After the loss of his Dad, a heavy smoker who died aged just 48, Grant “was determined to think of a way not only to prevent other children from growing up with heavy smokers but to deter them from developing habits such as smoking and drinking in the first place.”

The creation of The Moderator began when Grant started wearing a ring that had been left to him by his father. Sitting above his knuckles it clinked every time he picked up a drink, making him aware of just how many times he was picking up his glass. Grant realised that such a device could be used to moderate repetitive behaviour and focussed on it as a double-finger ring for joining the fingers of smokers (hence The Moderator’s strapline ‘Give two fingers to your habits’) .

Since then The Moderator has been found to be useful for a whole range of bad habits such as snacking whilst dieting (guilty Your Honour), nail-biting, scratching and compulsive texting. I do think he’s missing a big gap in the market though by not making a Mini Moderator to stop kids’ picking their nose (if you’re reading this Grant a 50% split is fine by me).
The Moderator  ring on mummy rates it


The Moderator would probably be a welcome tool for any smokers you know that are taking part in Stoptober. In case you haven’t heard of it, during October thousands of people across England are taking part in Stoptober - a new, exciting 28 day challenge to stop smoking.

You will find lots of information and support on the NHS site – and the great news is that by stopping smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to stay smokefree!


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  1. Do you not think we need one for each hand? Love your new look blog by the way – very magazine -ish. Very you X

    • Maybe you’re right Anya! Two would really stop you, wouldn’t it! Maybe a muzzle too! ha ha.
      Thanks about the site, the lovely Jo at GeekFairy did it ALL for me all I had to do is send silly ‘what does this mean/do emails which she very patiently answered. I also realised that I’d set up a few things incorrectly when I first set up mummy rates it and she sorted me out.
      Thought of you last weekend when we were sitting outside a pub in childless bliss at 2pm. Hope you had a goodie too. xx

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