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In less than a month we’ll be in the final stages of getting to our boat. As you can imagine, there’s a bit both mentally and physically to get ready before then…

Michelle, Noah and Ferne on board their boat mummy rates it

Story time on the boat… with Michelle, Noah and Ferne

When you’re downsizing from a four-bedroom house to a boat (albeit a Cat) there’s a lot of stuff that needs to either be packed away or got rid of. We’ve spent the last few months at car boot sales and baby sales flogging our wares. Trips to the local charity shops have been frequent. As soon as I start typing a web address starting with a G the URL for Gumtree appears. The amount of furniture, equipment and bits and bobs that has been displaced into our neighbourhood has been nothing short of sh’mazing.

You’d think that our house would be pretty bare by now but unfortunately there’s still heaps of it. Next time around, when we’re back on dry land, I will not a hoarder or a clutterer be. It will be minimalism all the way.

The first trip down to the boat will be an interesting one. We’ll be in that category of people who turn up at the airport with those large market bags. Even though we’ve got a lot of clothes and bits on the boat there are loads of electrical boat thing-me-bobs and nautical whats-his-names to get down there. Then there’s all the bits of equipment and books that we need just to survive the seas, to teach, and to have a jolly ‘pleasant time’. And then there’s my wardrobe!

Of course we aren’t going to be in the middle of nowhere (well apart from when we cross the Atlantic) but we will be in non-English speaking countries and as a very poor Francophile at most I don’t fancy my chances of translating Turkish, Greek, Italian or Spanish books, instruction manuals or finding petit clothes to fit a very ‘medium sized’ woman!

As well as living on a boat we’re also trying to get our heads round home-schooling the kids. I’ve been reading two really great books that were recommended on the Education Otherwise website. One is Learning Without School by Ross Mountney and has really given me some insight into what to expect. Most importantly it’s taught me that with home-schooling there are ‘no set rules’ and ‘no set formula’. I can work to that! The second is The Element by Ken Robinson. While this is not specifically a home-schooling book it does focus on how to get the best from kids (and adults) by discovering their passions – something that Robinson says rarely happens in school because they don’t have the time.

We will be able to use the internet for most of our travels so we’ll be using online resources for some of our teaching but we are still taking down some old-school course books. Who knows we may end up thinking they’re a waste of time and not use them but to begin with at least I want to make sure we’ve still got some curriculum style books.

The great thing for me is that despite bobbing around on the waters there’s no reason why I can’t continue to blog. I’m currently trying to expand into the travel and sailing blogospheres so am tentatively sending out messages to companies with hotels/restaurants and tours in the places we are visiting in case they’re interested in me reviewing for them. It’s all new and time consuming and I feel like the ‘new girl’. It’s also quite exciting and I’m so happy that I blog as it is such a flexible and versatile job/hobby.

This adventure is also a great opportunity to get Noah and Ferne into blogging too. As part of their studies they’ll be regularly updating their ‘minicrew’ blog. We’re currently discussing how the school can follow the blog and take a part in the journey too. How lovely!

Between now and arriving in Turkey we’ve got to empty the house, deregister from school and move in temporarily with my parents whilst Alex gets the boat ‘ship shape’. When me and the kids arrive in Turkey on the 21st April we’ll be making final final preparations before setting sail. So in the meantime I’ll be working on food budgets, recipes, stock supplies, schooling timetables and all those boring bits of paperwork that you have to do when you move house.

I can’t help it but as I sit here looking out the window and I see snow falling in March I’m just a little bit smug to think that very soon we’ll see some sunshine. Just to rub it in more tomorrow I’ll be telling you more about our travel plans and the places and countries we are hoping to visit.

Michelle x


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