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Health & Fitness Homepage Slider — 18 December 2012

*Will you be joining the hoards of people who, come January 1st 2013, will be starting a new fitness program to achieve body beautiful? I know I’ll be wanting to burn off those excess Christmas calories. Here are five ideas to help you get back in shape…

Horse riding Picture thanks to J-Silla @

Picture thanks to J-Silla @

1. Walk

It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get back into shape. You’ve probably heard it all before but here it is written down for you so you can’t ignore it. Walk to school, walk to work or part way at least. Not convinced? Ok then, how about you get off the bus one stop earlier or a station earlier from the train? Leave that petrol-guzzling thing at home and use those things that are attached to you. Not only will you be working your muscles a 30-min walk can burn off up to 100 calories without even really trying. Work up more of a sweat and you’ll burn off more.

2. Get on your bike

Kids use them all the time but quite often your own bike sits in the garden gathering spider’s webs and spots of rust. Dust of that saddle and get peddling. You’ll burn off calories and tone up your quads, glutes and calves. If you don’t fancy taking to the streets why not try out Cardio Cycling or spinning at your local gym? Teachers often include exercises to work the rest of the body too.


3.  Horse power

Not just for teenage girls. Horse riding is a great way to firm up your thighs and bum. It’s not just for the country folk either, there are plenty of stables offering classes for wannabe riders in towns too. In Hyde Park or Dulwich Park, for example, they have a bridle path around the park. Just make sure you avoid the cafe – not only could you take a few little people out but you may be tempted to scoff a few cakes. If you want to look the part you can snap up some riding boots from equestrian clearance.

Hula hooping in the 1950s, picture by Snap Man @

Hula hooping in the 1950s, picture by Snap Man @

4. Hula hula girl

I’ll say it again but hula hoops are not only old-school cool but they give a great whole-body work out. Look at your local leisure centre and for posters about a class near you. Hula hooping helps you work up a sweat thereby improving cardio fitness, not only that but the hoop also whittles away your waist (just look back on pics of those hula hoopers of the 1950s with their tiny waists). If you can’t find a class there’s a hula-hooping section on Wii Fitness.

5. Piloxing

You what-ing? Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and Boxing. Yes, they sound like strange bedfellows but the mixture of toning and high cardio can burn up to 900 (gasp!) calories per hour. By wearing weighted gloves throughout the class you also build and tone arm muscles which in turn burn off more calories even after you’ve finished exercising. Result!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and hot-looking 2013!
*This copy has been written on behalf of Equestrian Clearance.


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  1. My friend is a hula hoop instructor and if her figure is anything to go by, it\’s fantastic to take up. No doubt losing the baby weight will be playing on my mind next year but I\’ll give it a few months before I address it.

  2. Yes, it’ll be Power Pramming for you. Do they have that in Switzerland? x

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