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Fashion & Beauty — 06 December 2012

Fancy dress costume by Fancy Dress BallFor the last few years the festive jumper – usually sporting a reindeer or a snowman – has been de rigeur for adding humour to Christmas proceedings. It seems synthetic fibres and a few egg noggs are all it takes for us to have a good time… However, after watching the Christmas special of Lemon La Vida Loca – the ultimate guide to ‘festive cheese’ – I think we need to seriously up our game…  

Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones

Who better to guide you through the rules of being cool at Yule than the man with tan lines and tight pants? In Part 1 of his Christmas Special Lemon La Vida Loca, Keith and his long-suffering girlfriend Rosie, were seen wearing Reindeer outfits around the house.

Whilst dressing up as Santa and Rudolph used to be the norm for a works Christmas bash it seems that fancy dress can now be worn around the house. Kids do it so why shouldn’t we? I mean, the reindeer suit that Keith wore was warm, just as comfy and, importantly, bound to get you in the festive spirit.

Keith must have got his Christmas fancy dress inspiration from Fancy Dress Ball where they have Reindeer, Super Santa and Christmas Tree fancy dress costumes for adults. If the kids want to join in (why should the adults have all the fun?!) there is a great selection of kids costumes – great if you’re short of time and are asked to rustle up a Star, King, Shepherd or an Angel outfit.

Fancy dress has been big news this year, a fantastic summer of events including the Diamond Jubilee and The Olympics has meant we’ve all been fanatical about fancy dress.

What did you dress up as this year? Will you be sporting a fancy dress costume for Christmas? I’d love to know.

Michelle x


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  1. Not strictly dressing up as you mean it, but for years I\’ve been coveting Cameron Diaz\’s wardrobe from the film The Holiday. If I could look like that all over Christmas, it would be brilliant. However, white cashmere with a young child is probably not the best idea.

    • I was about to say I didn’t know that film but just googled it and I have watched it. Yes, she looks lovely but no, not white with new baby. Boo. Camel is not bad though – that’s quite a ‘sick’ colour – in a good way I mean. Hope you’re well xxx

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