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Call me a mud-loving, hippy nut but I just can’t get enough of festivals. After surviving and thoroughly enjoying 12-hours of queuing in a traffic jam and the mud-bath that was the Isle of Wight festival we decided that we needed another festival experience but this time one that was kid-friendly.

A quick hunt on Efestivals and we found the details for Summer Breeze, a smallish (2,000 people) family-friendly festival near Swindon. With tickets a snip at £35 for adults and kids free we were sold. The headline act was K T Tunstall, who I saw live at Harvest in September last year. K T is not only a very talented lady but also a very witty one too – I enjoy her banter almost as much as her music.

So, off we went on Friday straight from school with wellies, macs, ponchos, black bin liners and sunscreen (you never know what’s going to happen). Arriving at Summer Breeze we parked up the van and got out the awning. Noah and Ferne sleep in the van and we get outed the awning out. Aren’t we good?

Summer Breeze Festival - family friendly festival -
I always go to a festival with a plan. It goes something like this. Don’t overdo it on the first night – mostly they’re not even the ‘official’ festival nights. That plan then goes straight out the window. I just can’t resist. So Friday night we headed into the festival – a 1 minute walk (which we then halved by going through a gap in the fence). Greeted by a very pretty bee on stilts (going by the name of Emily) and the kids were off, running around the field while we sat down on a bench trying out the real ales and ciders…aaaaahh.

On Saturday the festival started proper. At 11am a fabulous kids tentrun by Junkfish opened its doors. The tent was full of crafts, dressing up and books and toys for the kids to play with. Favourite items were painting a cardboard rocket; making balloon characters; painting fish to hang on display in the ‘sea’ and creating neon tutus. There was also circus equipment which we all tried out – unicycles, juggling and hula hoops (very popular with the mums).

The great thing for us adults was that we were able to spend some of the time sat outside Junkfish watching the bands whilst the kids played in the tent. The whole festival had such a ‘safe’ feeling (all the kiddies were given identity bracelets to put on contact numbers should they get lost) with everyone mucking in together and keeping an eye out. It all worked wonderfully.

We were treated to some fantastic music with The Destroyers, K T, Uncle Frank, Juan Zelada and The Running Club being my favourites. Noah managed to stay awake and watch K T Tunstall and was blown away.
‘She was good wasn’t she?’ I asked him.
‘No Mummy,’ he replied ‘She was great!’
I think the kids are going to be flying the festival-loving flag alongside us. Noah was fascinated by the music and fiddling around in the craft tent and Ferne got really into the dressing up element. By the end of the weekend she was bedecked in flower garlands, neon tutu, face paint – the works.

That may all be a bit of a boring read to you guys but I guess what I’m getting at is if you’ve ever thought about going to a festival with kids but have worried that it will be a nightmare – give it a go. Google for family friendly festivals, read some forums and find one with a good mix of kids stuff and music you’ll enjoy.

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  1. OMG have never given a Festival a thought – much too staid 0 but now I wanna go *picks up wellies*

    • It won’t be long now until you’re off camping or festival-ing – go on, you know you want to! x

  2. That looks like a lovely festival, nice size. I would love to take the kids to a festival next year but really fancy something a bit more low key than Bestival! Perhaps, we’ll see you there next year!

    • Hazel it is a fab festival and I reckon you’d all love it. We’ve been to Bestival when Noah was 8 months old and it was great but obviously he wasn’t running around then. The good thing about Summer Breeze is it’s small enough to be able to keep your eyes on them but still has enough to keep the grown ups entertained. Make sure you keep your eyes out for the date next year. Like you say, see you there! x

  3. It sounds brilliant, I went to festivals as a teenager and I’d love to go again with the family, I think that the little ones would have a great time. Thanks for the lovely post!

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