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Fashion & Beauty Homepage Slider — 22 February 2013

It’s something I never imagined I’d be thinking, let alone wearing and sharing on my blog – yes folks, Double Demin is back. The look ‘championed’ by Jeremy Clarkson and B*Witched is now as hot as a freshly toasted crumpet. Take a look.

double denim

Imagine the scene: I’m getting dressed and have put on a denim shirt (so far so good) but then I head towards the jeans. Normally at this point I’d shake my head, slap my face even and tell myself to get a grip but last week I carried on. I put on blue jeans to match and it actually looked OK.

My return to DD was confirmed as being acceptable by H&M. They very kindly sent me an email featuring shirts, Bruce Springsteen-esque gilets and, wait for it, even stone wash. Distressed? Me and the denim both.

If you want to create this look there are some gorgeous denim pieces on the high street. Only last week I picked up the lovely denim shirt in Topshop which has lace detailing (see picture). Elsewhere Mango has some ripped/patched up jeans (the sort that your Nan was always trying to get a needle and thread to) and in Levis (they must be sooo pleased DD is back) you can pick up the good old trucker style denim jacket, a real wardrobe staple in the ‘look’

double denim on Mummy Rates It

Main picture: H&M, clockwise: denim shirt with navajo detailing £29.99 Zara, lace detailed shirt £38 Topshop, denim shirt £25 Dorothy Perkins, Trucker jacket Levi £100, Distressed jeans Mango £34.99, Destroyed Boyfriends £195 Current/Elliot at Avenue 32.

Ironically, B*Witched, who are back on our screens in The Big Reunion, have chosen now to ditch their denim. Doh!


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