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Calling all parents. What do you do when the teachers go on strike? I’ll tell you what we do. At mummyratesit HQ you fancy-dress-up, get out and about, lose a few teeth and demolish some seriously large meringues. That’s what!

0900: The day’s excitement starts when Noah refuses to eat breakfast unless he is dressed as a spaceman. Not to be outdone, Ferne dons a Rapunzel hair extension, ball gown and Angelina Ballerina apron.


1030: Mummy, spaceman and Rapunzel leave the house and head to the park. Five minutes of very slow moon-walking later and we’ve made it past two houses. Not only is space exploration getting us nowhere but random people take our snail’s pace as an opportunity to approach and joke that the strike has been extended for the rest of the week. Hilarious.

1100: Small children crowd around the spaceman as he clambers onto the rocket in the park. Parents look uneasy, they know questions are heading their way, such as: ‘why didn’t you put me in fancy dress for the teachers’ strike?’

1200: At the dentist for regular six-monthly check-up (only three months late). The receptionist is delighted with the turnout. Declares fancy dress should be compulsory. Dentist says he has never had a spaceman or Rapunzel in his chair before and marks it on his calendar.

1205: Dentist says: ‘I’m just going to remove those two baby teeth for you, Noah’ … erm… wasn’t expecting that! Yes, there is blood and a grimace but it’s all very quickly forgotten at the mention of a free toothbrush and sticker.

1206: The other little person in the room whimpers ‘Oh no’ when she realises she’s up next.

1207: All teeth still present and correct, Rapunzel makes her way to reception to claim her booty.

1230: Time for a celebratory pizza. One for Mummy’s brave soldier and another for Ferne, who is exactly four-and-a-half today and one for me, because ‘I’m worth it’. We’re only half way through teachers’ strike day and already we’ve achieved so much. Who needs teachers? ha ha.

1500: Back home and over the dining room table Tooth Fairy negotiations begin. Noah’s only interested in one thing. Cold, hard cash.

1505: Beginning to think maybe the NUT could do with having Noah as chief negotiator. An agreement is reached at £1 per tooth. Great. However, I must agree to the clause about only using gold and silver coins and allowing him to search the bin the following day to see if he can find the teeth and therefore resubmit them to the TF at a later date.

1700: Tonight’s ballet lesson will only be a success if the Rapunzel hair accessory stays. This time I am instructed to wrap it up in a bun. I say it looks great but it does look a bit like a python has decided to curl up and sleep on the back of Ferne’s head. Regardless, it does the trick and Darcey Bussell shuffles her bottom off the sofa and out the door.

1745: Quick nip around Sainsbury’s whilst Darcey does her stuff. Come back expecting to be shown a pirouette or a plié at least but no, I’m shown how it’s possible to wear wellies on top of ballet shoes. Result!

1900: After a rousing rendition of ‘Happy half-birthday to you’ it’s time to demolish the half-birthday meringues. I shudder as I recall the promises made just few hours earlier to avoid sugary foods. The meringues taunt me by proving difficult. They require the kitchen equivalent of a chainsaw to cut.

19:30 Bed time. And would you believe it? After eating a chocolate coated meringue the same size as their heads neither Noah nor Ferne appears particularly tired. Me? I’m knackered! Thank goodness school is back on tomorrow.


How was your strike day? Please let me know. I’m beginning to feel a bit lonely here, sniff,sniff…





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  1. Sounds like a fun day :)

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