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Life & Loves — 03 December 2012

You remember a little while ago I told you about a little angel of an App by mysupermarket? Well it’s got even better – you could say it has polished its halo.

Picture thanks to Mike Fleming

The mysupermarket Companion App is still doing all of that popping up in the corner of your screen business, comparing prices and showing you where you can save money at the big supermarkets. On top of that it now has a new trick – it also pops up when you browse recipe sites, such as Jamie Oliver, Delicious Magazine and BBC Food to name but a few.

How do I use it? Well,  I’m going to be cooking Christmas dinner for the family this year and I’ve been looking for some recipe ideas. When I hopped onto Jamie Oliver’s website to see what the cheeky chappy reckoned would make a pukka festive feast the Companion App joined me.

I was quite taken with Jamie’s Christmas Butter (you tuck it under the skin of the ‘bird’ the night before – one less thing to worry about on the Big Day). This tasty butter is flavoured with cranberries, sage, thyme, rosemary and a clementine – ingredients that I’ll need to add to my HUGE Christmas shopping list. Pre Companion App I had to input each ingredient item by item, searching for each one but not now – oh no siree. Now the Companion App whizzily transfers the recipe ingredients to the ‘Quick Shop’ list which then suggests suitable ingredients. The ingredients are shown on the right hand side of the page so you can choose which make/type/quantity you want and then you can then tick the items off and go back to browsing recipes..

The great news for the time-starved is that you’ll neither spend an age moving from one site to another nor will you waste pencil lead scribbling lists on the back of hands/magazines/receipts only to misplace them.

Just like buying a dog, the Companion App isn’t just for Christmas. You can do all your regular shopping as per normal but maybe spice up your week night meals with some recipe ingredients?

PS: Last week there was quite a hoo-ha about supermarkets misleading customers with fandangled offers which simply didn’t add up – thereby not being offers at all. However, I’ve been assured that the mysupermarket price checker takes all of that into account. Brill!


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