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How many competitions have you won recently? Buoyed by a few very lucky and gorgeous wins I’ve started to get into the whole ‘comping’ thing. If you ever thought competitions were too time-consuming or you just weren’t the lucky sort, think again! Here are some of my comping ‘where and how’ tips…

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I often see people RT’ing competitions in my Twitter feed but what about all those ones that I don’t see? Lots of companies who tweet their competitions use the #competition/#win hashtag which means you can search for them and get them all in one list.
Also, don’t forget that you can also win prizes for taking part in Twitter parties. Play your tweets right and you could make like the kids and have a ‘party bag’ to take away with you at the end!

There are quite a few competitions which involve making up a Pinterest board. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully, including any searchable hashtags and titles that are part of the competition conditions. I recently won a £150 clothes voucher from Fashion Union making up a board of ‘must haves’. Google for Pinterest competitons and keep checking Facebook pages.

Us bloggers usually have a competition or two going on. Keep an eye out on Twitter feeds and on the BritMums Competitions, contests and giveaways group. I have scooped up a couple of lovely prizes from other blog sites including theatre tickets and a girls’ dress for Ferne.

If I run a competition on my site I always put it up on The Prizefinder which always pulls in quite a few entrants (compers) who I notice even go so far as to use special email address just for comps. Other competition sites are Money Saving Expert, My Offers and UK Prize.

My tips

1. You’ve got to be in it to win it
2. Think about creating an individual email address for competitions. When you’ve done this you can set up a filter which separates all your ‘You’ve Won’ emails from the ‘Sorry, not this time’ ones. Importantly, a separate email address for competition entries means you can stop your regular email getting bogged down in SPAM which leads me to number 3.
3. If you’re not interested in receiving emails, post etc or information from 3rd parties make sure you tick the right boxes. Sometimes they are worded so confusingly so pay attention.
4. If you enter a competition via Twitter where you need to RT make sure you RT the original message
5. ‘Comping’ is a hobby – so don’t give up the day job. Unless you win the lottery that is!
6. As it’s a hobby make sure you use your precious time only entering competitions you actually win. Imagine the disappointment if you receive an email saying ‘You’re a winner’ only to find out you’ve won a pack of sardines (and you don’t eat fish!)

Have you got any good ‘comping’ tips to share? Please do! Fingers crossed everyone


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  1. I am getting more lucky just lately I have won a couple of Twitter and blog comps and won some great prizes.I enter lots when Thomas is asleep its a bit of fun really and winning is a bonus

    • Well done you, Sarah. Good luck for future entries!

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