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For me coffee drinking is still very much a treat  because the making of a good cup involves time and effort (of the barrista). However, when the price of a couple of lattes leaves you with no change from a fiver it could be time to consider bringing some expertise into your own kitchen with a coffee machine…
Coffee machine or cafe

Talk of coffee machines came up the other week as a friend got one for her 40th birthday – it’s one of those fancy ones that promises George Clooney will come and stir in your sugar… At first the idea didn’t grab me (not the George bit) but after a while I changed my mind and quite fancied being able to offer up a perky espresso or a frothy latte from the comfort of my own home/boat.

If you’re finding your coffee habit is putting a strain on your budget it may be time to consider buying a coffee machine. Read these pros and cons to help you make your decision…

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Coffee lovers are now well aware that we don’t have to take a visit to Starbucks to drink fresh coffee. With the evolution of coffee machines for the home and their reduction in price, more and more of us are choosing to drink our coffee at home rather than on the go.

Each choice undoubtedly has its benefits. Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of each with a view to deciding which the best option is for you.

The coffee beans

Where better to start than with the coffee itself? This is where the coffee machine sneaks an early lead. While we might enjoy a cup from our local independent, many of them have started to sell their own coffee beans. This makes it quite an easy victory for the coffee machine, which has an infinite choice of beans, from supermarkets to faraway bazaars. Coffee shops might have good coffee, but they’ve only got so many blends.

The selection

This is a dead heat. For a long time, coffee shops prided themselves on the wide selection of coffee they were able to offer: from espresso through to latte and cappuccino. Coffee machines of today however, are just as capable of providing this selection – you just need to learn how to make each one.


One of the most attractive aspects of the coffee shop is its atmosphere. Whether you’re heading out to meet a friend or are trying to catch up on a bit of work, coffee shops provide a great opportunity to do so in a fresh and exciting environment. If you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, you might be better off at home, but on the whole, it is the coffee shop which promises the better atmosphere for drinking coffee.


It’s no secret that getting a cup of coffee from the local coffee shop every day can add up to quite a hefty bill. While coffee itself is an expensive commodity, you’ll find it far more cost effective to buy your beans in bulk and brew them in your very own coffee maker. When it comes to cost, coffee at home is the real winner.

The verdict

The verdict is practically a draw. Coffee machines have come a long way and provide us with the chance to create great tasting coffee in our homes, for a fraction of the price, but it might not be time to abandon the coffee shops altogether just yet; they’ve still got their atmosphere, after all.


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  1. We have a Nespresso coffee machine which is wonderful for weekend morning coffees at home. But you can’t beat the atmosphere of a good coffee shop (especially if the kids aren’t with you).

    • I agree it’s the atmosphere that is missing but it’s nice to be able to do something at home… x

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