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1 Woman – 5 Minutes

Every week an inspirational woman from all different walks of life to share with mummyratesit readers what makes her tick… This week I have asked Michelle Hannell, blogger, mother and recent Open University graduate to answer [...]

Weeks 5&6: birthdays and spa days

We’ve been mixing it up the last week or so staying in the busy and not so busy anchorages and harbours of Kithnos, Dokos, Hydra and now Poros. As much as I love waking up to [...]

Emanuel’s designs on Plus Size Fashion

Designer collaborations are everywhere at the moment. In fact, if you go into a High Street store and you don’t find one you begin to feel a bit cheated. Bonmarche is no different – they have a plus-size [...]

Blogging Buddies: Mindful, Not ‘Days Full’!

Today I have the first in a series of Blogging Buddies’ Guest Posts – from time-management and exercise to nutritional tips – keep popping back for some great advice from the people who know best – [...]

The Bikini Diairies # 5 The Final Splash

With the holidays coming to an end most people start to dread returning home and unpacking but not me. No, just days before the return I begin to feel queasy about the annual humiliation (think costume-up-bum, [...]

5 minutes: 5 stories – win a divorce!

In this week’s instalment I reveal how it’s not only your sanity that you lose over the school holidays but bucket loads of cash too; a competition with a ‘difference’ and the UK’s top ten fictional [...]

5 minutes: 5 stories – travel/holiday special

It’s nearly time to pack up our suitcases and head off on our jolly holidays. Whether you’re sunning it abroad or keeping your fingers, toes and everything else crossed for some nice weather so you can [...]

mummyratesit tries: Sewing machine classes

Can you hear that noise? That’s me blowing my own trumpet. Why? Well, today I went along to a sewing machine lesson. Ok, no big deal you might think. Well for me it was. For seven [...]

5 minutes – 5 stories

Got five minutes to spare? Then you’ll love these five, quick stories. From a cake that can tell you that sex of your unborn child to why Dame Edna and Barry Humphries are avoiding cake like [...]

Adopt a (BlogCamp) Newbie

In just two days time I will be skipping down the road to Crystal Palace train station – I may get some funny looks but do I give a hoot? Nope. Tickets firmly in paw, suitcase [...]

Happy Birthday Meme to me….

I have been tagged by Pinkoddy to complete this birthday meme. I had to find out lots of things about my birthday such as famous people who were born and died on it and events and [...]

Best of the High Street: Jazzy pants

I’ve had a pair of trousers lurking in my wardrobe for a few weeks now. I love them but to be honest I was a bit ‘scared’ to put them on for fear of stopping traffic [...]

Go ‘designer’ on a budget

There’s a craze sweeping the High Street and I can’t help but get all dizzy just thinking about it. Yep, designer collaborations are everywhere this year and the good news is that it means, with a [...]

My Mother’s Day Rider

So this Sunday is Mother’s Day and I have thought long and hard about what I would like. I had even considered writing a flowery blog thus providing those who needed it with some subtle(ish) direction. [...]

Tagged and proud of it!

You heard it here first. I’ve been tagged. No, not the ankle-chain ASBO type affair but a blogging game where one blogger tags another (or in this case 11 bloggers) and they have to answer questions [...]