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We did it! The story of our Atlantic Crossing

3000+NM and 26 days at sea and the crew of Jade has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and made it safely to St Lucia. Here’s a little round-up of our adventure… Day 1: We left Las Palmas [...]

Having a lark with the ARC

I’m writing this while babysitting for a fellow ARC couple with two very young kids and the need to have a good night out. Friends (big and small) have been made in good old Las Palmas, [...]

Viva Las Palmas!

The crew has been in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria now for 3 weeks already. The time really is whizzing by at a lightening speed.   With the rally now just 21 days away there’s tons to [...]

At the starting line!

So, as you know from my last post (what do you mean, you didn’t read it?) we were already in The Canaries and very close to Gran Canaria and the starting point of the ARC… On [...]

Back on board!

We’re back on board and back on the high seas. Yes, me hearties the crew of Jade is reunited and within a cat fish’s whisker of Gran Canaria for the start of the ARC (Atlantic Rally [...]

In search of Lulu (weeks 13+)

One of the lovely things about spending months sailing around beautiful Greek islands is that you’re never short of guests. The next to arrive on Jade were my parents, who landed in sunny Corfu. I hadn’t [...]

Week 9,10,11 and 12 – Yamas time!

I’ve been a bit slack of late updating the sailing part of the blog. This is down to a few reasons, the first being time, the second the availability of WiFi and third the ability to [...]

Week 8: 3rd time lucky in Trizonia

I’ve finally ‘come down’ from all the paint fumes (see last week’s exciting installment of how I decorated the loo). It means that I can now concentrate on other things like – fasting… and then eating [...]

Week 7: Corinth Canal and painting the loo!

This week we’ve headed up the Corinth Canal and found ourselves in a lovely little harbour with some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet… Last week I was beginning to twiddle my thumbs [...]

Weeks 5&6: birthdays and spa days

We’ve been mixing it up the last week or so staying in the busy and not so busy anchorages and harbours of Kithnos, Dokos, Hydra and now Poros. As much as I love waking up to [...]

On board with train travel

It’s our wedding anniversary today – the perfect excuse to reflect on 9 happy married years and the ones that came before saying ‘I do’ such as when we traveled to Paris by train. This is [...]

Week 4: A swell time…

The last week or so has seen us move from a very dramatic Amorgos to spending some lazy days in Ios and a quick, romantic trip to Santorini…                 [...]

Week 3: Island hopping

I can’t believe how quickly the days are passing us by and it’s not like we’re idle. Far from it. This week we sailed from Samos, through the Eastern Sporades, the Northern Dodecanese and to the [...]

Week 2: A potter in Pythagorion

This week has, thankfully, been without any visits to Doctors or the near loss of limbs and we have sailed – talk about progress! As I type we’re moored in Pythagorion, Samos about a boat’s length [...]

Week 1: You can never be fully prepared

So, myself and the kids have been on board for just over a week and already there have been a few ‘incidents’. Oh and did I mention we haven’t left the marina yet? As much as [...]