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Review and special trial offer: Reading Eggs

Anything that helps and encourages my kids with their reading is a winner in my book but sometimes getting them to co-operate isn’t so easy. We trialled Reading Eggs, an online world where children (3-13-years-old) can [...]

Review: Moshlings Theme Park

Our little Moshi expert Noah was delighted when he received a review copy of the new Moshlings Theme Park DS game. Here’s what we thought about it … With over 50m users in the world it’s [...]

Review: Spin Mania

Nothing says Christmas-time like getting a game out of its box – even better when it’s a newbie and one that both kids and adults can enjoy. We review Spin Mania – the game that requires [...]

Review: Tea India

As I sit here writing this review I’m accompanied by a steaming hot cup of Masala Chai – just the thing for keeping me warm on a chilly winter’s day. Here’s my review of Tea India’s [...]

Review: Juicy Lucy toiletries

They’re pink, pretty and have fairies all over them, yes, Juicy Lucy toiletries for girls are the sort of things that make little (and big) girly girls whoop with delight. Here’s our review… Our daughter, Ferne, [...]

Review: Treat Him, Her (and yourself)

Christmas lists aren’t just for kids you know. As the big day draws nearer (according the ad break in the X Factor it is any day now) it’s  time to start racking our brains for a [...]

Moshi gifts for your own monsters

If Noah was to go on Mastermind his specialist subject, without a shadow of a doubt, would be Moshi Monsters. He loves them. He talks about them all the time. He creates his own and he [...]

A date with the Winx

Last weekend we were treated to an exclusive screening of Winx Club, the latest instalment from the six fashion-forward fairies who grace the screens of Nickelodeon. Think pink. Think sequins, shimmer, shine and six inch heels [...]

Review: Hot Dots Junior

I must admit when the opportunity arose to review Hot Dots the first thought that went through my mind was that they sounded like a dream come true. Could a pen device really motivate kids to [...]

Blog linky: The Man Booker shortlist

On Tuesday the winner of the prestigious Man Booker Prize 2012 will be announced. From a shortlist of 6 works of fiction the judges (a mix of editors, academics, authors and reviewers) must pick the novel [...]

Review: Umbrella, Will Self

Whittling down a shortlist of six ‘good reads’ from a longlist of 12 must be a real ‘mare’ for The Man Booker judges. Firstly, they’ve got to get through  (from having attempted Self) a dozen rather [...]

We’re Set4Sport – are you?

Saturday just gone we had the pleasure of meeting Judy Murray (Andy and Jamie’s Mum). She wanted to show us how playing with a few cushions, a piece of rope and some cereal packets could really [...]

Pillow talk with the ‘ratesits’

How was your sleep last night? Are you full of beans or are you like a zombie with a headache and crankiness after little sleep? If so, you’re not alone. In fact you’re part of what [...]

mummyratesit tries: Piloxing

‘I’ve been Piloxing’ I tell anyone who’ll listen. ‘P what? and ‘What on earth is that?’ is what usually follows. Well, I’m here to tell you about the latest fitness craze that has taken Hollywood by [...]

Review: The Lorax

As a Tots100 Film Blogger each month I get to choose from a list the one that we would like to review. Having spent many a bedtime getting my tongue in a twist around the rhymes [...]