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Review: The Wonderbag

The following comments have stumbled from friends’ mouths when entering our kitchen/ galley and spying our slow cooker: ‘Is that a sleeping bag?’ they ask. Or, ‘Is that the lagging for your boiler?’ Even, ‘Is it [...]

Review: Pretend & Play Post Office

The kids are big fans of Postman Pat so I knew that the Learning Resources Post Office would be lots of fun. What I hadn’t considered, however, were the ‘learning opportunities’ it would provide…   The [...]

Review: Nikki Cooke swimwear

Nikki Cooke’s swimwear promises elegant designs for ‘real women.’ Being one such woman I was keen to try out Eliza, a beautiful, Fifties inspired swimsuit… If you want to do some serious swimwear drooling head over [...]

Review: Travelodge’s new family room

Trips to London with the family are costly at the best of times and that’s before you’ve factored in the price of a hotel room. We checked-in to Travelodge’s Southwark hotel to check-out their new luxury [...]

Review: Magic Moves Wand

There must have been a time when you’ve wished for a magic wand that you could wave and it would entertain the kids. Well now there is one. Entertaining, energetic and easy to master here’s how [...]

Review: John Lewis ‘House’ Bath Towel

When a new, fluffy, whiter than Simon Cowell’s teeth bath sheet from John Lewis’ House collection turned up for review it showed my other bath towels up for what they were… greying, old and scratchy… The [...]

Review: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

THIS IS A GUEST POST by Ice Cream lover, Ana   When it comes to a ‘kitchen appliance wish list’  an ice cream machine would probably at the bottom of the list. However, that all changed [...]

Review: Tefal Compact Steamer

Dinner on February the 14th was a steamy affair. A really hot one. You see I was trying out the Tefal Compact Steamer – here’s how we got on… I’m a big fan of healthy eating [...]

Review: The Album People

Have I mentioned that we are in the midst of de-cluttering and ‘getting rid’ because we are going away for a year or so of travelling? Yeah OK, I know I have but you’ll have to [...]

Review: Vanish Oxi Action

I’ve been asked by Vanish to test their Oxi Action Powder and see how it good it is at removing the countless stains that we usually accumulate over a week. However, just like when you buy [...]

Sell for free with musicMagpie

I’m quite superstitious so when it comes to Magpies I’ve been known to grind to a halt, spit and salute them and only then continue with driving/talking/my day. One Magpie I won’t be spitting at is [...]

Skylanders Giants – a big hit!

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of telling Noah that he’d won a competition with Tots 100 to become part of Team Skylanders Giants. As if the prospect of Christmas wasn’t enough, this news was [...]

Review: Pilates on Demand

It’s the start of a whole, brand sparkling new year and I bet that just like me you’ve made resolutions to get fitter, trimmer and toned-up. If you can’t get out, afford a pricey gym membership [...]

Review: Sooty in Space!

As the world didn’t end today we were able to head to Covent Garden to watch Sooty in Space. It turned out the cheeky bear and his pals Sweep and Soo were just the ticket for putting Mayan [...]

Review: Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish

The Tropic Skincare range of products are all cruelty free, vegan friendly and made with 100% plant derived proteins, antioxidants and vitamins but that does not, believe me, make them namby pamby… Tropic Skincare is the brainchild [...]