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My Big Greek Lunch …with Total

Yassou! We’re currently sailing around the Greek islands – a long way from the UK. If I ever need a reminder of home I need look no further than the Greek supermarkets where I never struggle [...]

My ‘MasterChef’ moment

Yesterday was a bit unusual. Actually, make that very unusual. It’s not every day you spend it with celeb chef Rosemary Shrager, in mock ‘MasterChef’ style…   Back in late 2012 Gourmet Garden, the herbs and [...]

Gourmet Garden Blog Off

There’s been quite a bit of dabbling  in the Mummy Rates It kitchen. Not only are preparations for Christmas in full swing but I’m also taking part in the Gourmet Garden Blog Off… A collection of [...]

Tasty Review: Charlie Bigham’s

There are times when I thank my lucky stars that I get to review things for my blog, like when Scarlett, a PR for Charlie Bigham’s, asked if I’d like to try out their easy-to-cook range [...]

I TOTALly did a ‘Dance Master Class’

On Wednesday I cha-cha-cha’d my way along to a ‘Dance Master Class’ hosted by TOTAL Greek Yoghurt. We sweated, we laughed and we trod on eachother’s toes (A LOT) and the great news is now you [...]

Maggi: So quick, easy and tasty

Have you ever watched Masterchef and thought how fantastic it would be to cook in a professional kitchen where all of the ingredients are set out, ready for you to get your hands on? Where every [...]

Have a flippin’ good pancake day

I don’t know about you but in our house pancakes only get cooked once a year. Silly really because they’re quick, taste delish and go down a treat. If I cooked them more I wouldn’t be [...]