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We get experimental at The Science Museum

On Saturday we went to one of our favourite London haunts – The Science Museum in South Kensington, London. Any regulars here will know that for us no trip to the Museum is complete without a [...]

Kids away but can the parents play?

We’ve had some really fantastic news. The kind that puts a spring in your step and makes you put out the rubbish bin with a smile on your chops. What is it?.. We’ve been given an [...]

We’re Set4Sport – are you?

Saturday just gone we had the pleasure of meeting Judy Murray (Andy and Jamie’s Mum). She wanted to show us how playing with a few cushions, a piece of rope and some cereal packets could really [...]

Snap! Crackle! Colour!

Our two are crafty and creative which is fantastic if a little bit surprising (they certainly don’t get it from either of us!) So you can imagine how keen they were to get their mitts on [...]

Family festivals – a Breeze!

Call me a mud-loving, hippy nut but I just can’t get enough of festivals. After surviving and thoroughly enjoying 12-hours of queuing in a traffic jam and the mud-bath that was the Isle of Wight festival [...]

What happened to Sports Day?

Tuesday was school Sports Day with the usual egg and spoon, sack race, throwing bean bags and jumping through hoops. Not much different to when I was a child. However, that’s where the similarities ended because [...]

Yoo hoo – I’m locked in the loo!

Today I’ve been helping out on a school trip to our local South Norwood Country Park and very nice it was too. We went exploring, plant spotting and bug hunting … oh, and I got locked [...]

Show your support for Bookstart

Do you remember when your little one got their first Bookstart pack? Can you remember the delight when, at 3-years-old, your mini bookworm was given the pirate treasure box and you hurried home to read the [...]

Is your child a ‘mini’ Moss?

I’ve never put my kids into child modelling because firstly the situation hasn’t cropped up and secondly I don’t think my children perform very well in front of our cameras, so the thought of what might [...]

Review: Wildwood Wildlife Park

It was a washout of a weekend but did that stop us from getting out and about? No siree! Armed (or should that be legged) with wellies, rain macs and the promise of a warm lunch [...]

Review and Win: Justin’s Jokes

Justin Mania isn’t just for teenage girls who love little, funny-haired pop stars, oh no. In our house manic behaviour is brought about by the sight of the ‘other Justin’, the children’s TV one, who loves [...]

Is obesity on the kids’ menu?

I read a story in the Daily Telegraph last week where chef Antonio Carluccio said restaurants should scrap kids’ menus. Not only that, he said that restaurants that offer the likes of fish fingers and chips [...]

Review: Live Butterfly Garden

We’ve been all a flutter in our house thanks to the Live Butterfly Garden hatching kit that we have been reviewing. From the moment we received the 5 tiny caterpillars we have been fascinated by their [...]

Book Review: Operation Alphabet

When the stranger rang our doorbell and handed over a brown package marked ‘Top Secret’ we gave him a knowing nod. His part in the mission was complete. He only needed to get back into his [...]

Postcard from Grandpa

When Grandpa said he wanted to come on holiday with us we were a bit worried he wouldn’t have ‘sea legs’ or even be able to swim for that matter. However, we needn’t have worried, for [...]