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Kids, parents and our relationship with the television

I don’t know about you but we’ve had our fair share of battles with the kids over the time and content of their TV and computer use. If you have the same battles at home you’ll [...]

Review: POP For Addition and Subtraction

New to home-schooling and keen to keep learning time fun, we couldn’t wait to review POP for Addition and Subtraction from Learning Resources. Here’s how we got on… POP for Addition and Subtraction has become a [...]

What’s cool for kids at Igloo…

With half term, the festival season and ‘Summer’ just around the corner it’s time to give the kids’ wardrobe an update – well, that’s my excuse anyway! Igloo has rails (and pages) full of gorgeous, unique [...]

Do parents and kids’ energy levels ever match?

I’ve spent a lot more time on my own with the kids recently and because of that I’ve noticed more and more how our energy levels are completely mismatched. I’m now beginning to wonder if they [...]

Who’s been sleeping in your bed?

PARTNERED POST Come on, admit it. How many people did you sleep with last night? Or more to the point, were the kids in with you? The Yorkshire Linen Company has me wondering about our sleeping [...]

Positive Parenting works for us!

There came a time in ‘parenting’ my kids when I realised there had to be a better way to do things. Here’s how I got on with The Parent Practice and its Positive Parenting course … [...]

What is Kumon?

You know the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon? It’s when you spot or learn something ‘new’ and then after that you see it around everywhere? Well, that happened to me with a thing called Kumon… I saw a poster [...]

Review and special trial offer: Reading Eggs

Anything that helps and encourages my kids with their reading is a winner in my book but sometimes getting them to co-operate isn’t so easy. We trialled Reading Eggs, an online world where children (3-13-years-old) can [...]

Bargains for Bambinos

I know I’m getting on a bit because I’ve started saying (in a grumbly tone): ‘I can remember when’ and ‘how times have changed’. One such instance was the other day when I was looking into [...]

The weekend that was – 17/18 Nov

This weekend we headed into town, went back in time to Victorian London, journeyed on a horse and cart and saw an elf vomiting into his hat… I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. How quickly [...]

Walk your way to happy families

Forget playing computer games and watching TV together – all that some kids want is for their parents to take them out for … a WALK! Yes, you read that correctly. A YouGov poll showed that [...]

Smile! It’s time to clean up your act

Teeth have been at the forefront of my mind this week. It started out with the kids brushing theirs or rather, not brushing theirs until I shout like a wild thing, then my own started to [...]

Review: Juicy Lucy toiletries

They’re pink, pretty and have fairies all over them, yes, Juicy Lucy toiletries for girls are the sort of things that make little (and big) girly girls whoop with delight. Here’s our review… Our daughter, Ferne, [...]

Moshi gifts for your own monsters

If Noah was to go on Mastermind his specialist subject, without a shadow of a doubt, would be Moshi Monsters. He loves them. He talks about them all the time. He creates his own and he [...]

A date with the Winx

Last weekend we were treated to an exclusive screening of Winx Club, the latest instalment from the six fashion-forward fairies who grace the screens of Nickelodeon. Think pink. Think sequins, shimmer, shine and six inch heels [...]