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Review: The Wonderbag

The following comments have stumbled from friends’ mouths when entering our kitchen/ galley and spying our slow cooker: ‘Is that a sleeping bag?’ they ask. Or, ‘Is that the lagging for your boiler?’ Even, ‘Is it [...]

Fresh and tasty foodie finds

It’s nice to have more time to cook and even more so when the things I cook with are fresh and at their best. Over the last month we found some great foods foraged from the [...]

My Big Greek Lunch …with Total

Yassou! We’re currently sailing around the Greek islands – a long way from the UK. If I ever need a reminder of home I need look no further than the Greek supermarkets where I never struggle [...]

Coffee Machines Versus Coffee Shops: Which Is Best?

For me coffee drinking is still very much a treat  because the making of a good cup involves time and effort (of the barrista). However, when the price of a couple of lattes leaves you with [...]

Review: Tefal Compact Steamer

Dinner on February the 14th was a steamy affair. A really hot one. You see I was trying out the Tefal Compact Steamer – here’s how we got on… I’m a big fan of healthy eating [...]

Rosemary Shrager: ‘Be Chefy in advance’

You may remember that a few weeks ago I found myself in the final of a cookery competition – well, I didn’t ‘find’ myself in either the ‘lost’ or ‘profound’ way but one of the things [...]

My ‘MasterChef’ moment

Yesterday was a bit unusual. Actually, make that very unusual. It’s not every day you spend it with celeb chef Rosemary Shrager, in mock ‘MasterChef’ style…   Back in late 2012 Gourmet Garden, the herbs and [...]

Have a flippin’ good pancake day

I don’t know about you but in our house pancakes only get cooked once a year. Silly really because they’re quick, taste delish and go down a treat. If I cooked them more I wouldn’t be [...]