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Make a splash with swimming

I was asked if I’d like to feature this ‘infographic’ about swimming. Seeing as we’re currently spending a lot of time either in or out of the water it sang out to me. If you’re heading [...]

Join the ‘no frills’ gym

You don’t need me to tell you how important it is to work-out but for many people the cost of joining a gym is enough to send them slobbing back to the sofa munching a pack [...]

Mummy Rates It tries: Flowetic

Some of you may know that I love to try a new exercise class or two. I love keeping fit but I do need to keep things fresh and exciting or I just zone out. The [...]

Dine and Win Weight Watchers Precision Scale

If you’ve decided that February is the month to start/continue your campaign to looking and feeling fabulous you’ve come to the right place. Not only have I got a yummy Weight Watchers recipe to share with [...]

What is Weight Watchers’ New Approach?

What is Weight Watchers’ New Approach? And importantly, does it mean you can eat more cake? I went along to a bloggers’ event to find out… The Weight Watchers Bloggers’ event was held at the wonderful [...]

Go crazy for 2013′s exercise crazes!

To get the best out of my workouts (and therefore the best out of myself) I like to keep things fresh and exciting in the exercise department. I’ve had a snoop around and found the latest [...]

My ‘IPT’ is back

Today I woke up a lady who has dozed off for well, quite a few years actually. My Inner Personal Trainer or IPT as I call her. Anyone who reads my blog will know that I [...]

Review: Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish

The Tropic Skincare range of products are all cruelty free, vegan friendly and made with 100% plant derived proteins, antioxidants and vitamins but that does not, believe me, make them namby pamby… Tropic Skincare is the brainchild [...]

Gee up for 2013

*Will you be joining the hoards of people who, come January 1st 2013, will be starting a new fitness program to achieve body beautiful? I know I’ll be wanting to burn off those excess Christmas calories. [...]

mummy rates it tries: The FRAME Method

One hour of sweat and tears for a sculpted, long and lean physique? Sounds like a fair deal. I went along to FRAME the dance, fitness and holistic studio to try signature class, ‘The FRAME Method’. [...]

Smile! It’s time to clean up your act

Teeth have been at the forefront of my mind this week. It started out with the kids brushing theirs or rather, not brushing theirs until I shout like a wild thing, then my own started to [...]

I TOTALly did a ‘Dance Master Class’

On Wednesday I cha-cha-cha’d my way along to a ‘Dance Master Class’ hosted by TOTAL Greek Yoghurt. We sweated, we laughed and we trod on eachother’s toes (A LOT) and the great news is now you [...]

Give two fingers to your habits

When I find myself on the sofa, covered in crumbs, a chocolate wrapper guiltily tucked in my dressing gown pocket I often ‘come-to’ and wonder how I got there. You see it’s as if my hands [...]

Losing Baby Weight

Over the weeks we have had Blogging Buddies posts about weight-loss, time management and even how to combine the two. This week the guest post is written by Bounty, those peeps who have been providing packs [...]

We’re Set4Sport – are you?

Saturday just gone we had the pleasure of meeting Judy Murray (Andy and Jamie’s Mum). She wanted to show us how playing with a few cushions, a piece of rope and some cereal packets could really [...]